Saturday, 10 March 2012

Just Another Day at the Beach

On a day that would leave no doubt that the "lion" of spring was being made manifest all the elements were being tossed by the maelstrom of natural forces into a frappe for the senses. The seaside amphitheatre was alive with energy, which was being generated to animate the show that was about to unfold.

Walking along the beach offered the opportunity to dance with the windswept surf and the pebbled landscape offered both texture and rhythmic accompaniment to each step, each footfall being consumed as though striding in petrified oatmeal.

Each aspect of this afternoon journey stood alone as cause for awe and wonder when experienced as one, in a multi-sensory holographic tapestry. My "movie" had it's own soundtrack the strains of the most heart stirring, soul-quenching music (I'm listening to on my iPod) it became nothing short of rapturous. The waves rose and fell as though choreographed and synchronized with the melodic line of the accompanying music. Upon reaching the top of the staircase that traverses the shoreline cliff face, walking was made challenging, though exhilarating, by the full assault of the headlong wind. Overhead, winged dancers perform their skyward ballet coaxed to rise and descend as multiple bows meet strings in divine orchestration. The pathway far above the beach is now shared with all forms of "canines on parade" (who incidentally do bare a striking resemblance to their owner's - shhhhhhhh!!!)

Convinced that the pinnacle of experience has surely come and gone I am quickly shown that creation knows not, my all too human limitations - just as the timpani's are signaling the soon to arrive finale of the orchestral offering - a lone para-surfer is levitated toward the heavens and is then released - the resulting splash coinciding perfectly with the crash of the cymbals.

All I can say is, my Creator - bravo!! and What do you do for an encore?!!

Or perhaps - to you the reader - ah...... well............ you had to be there!