Saturday, 20 May 2017

Not Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go....

Is there ultimate truth?
Will the truth indeed.. set you free?
Free from what?
Think ye ready to wield the sword of truth?
Have you considered it's double edge?
Have you any idea what will be revealed?
Did you think you'd brandish only outside yourself,
Without seeing your own reflection in it's cold steel?
Is honesty the best policy?
Can anything remain of the "social" fabric
When subject to authenticity?
Has conditioned lying
Led to it's wholesale preference?
What appetite exists for the allowance of genuine love?
Can anything kill a conversation faster than it's expression?
Whose are the lips that dare consistently speak love and truth?
Where are the ears that long to hear it and refuse to run at the sound of it's voice?
Truth will not be held as the thin edge of the wedge
Love might well be more infinite in it's demand, than ever a splendoured thing
Can love prevail?
Even while convinced the righteousness of withholding love, after seemingly endless rebuke
Has anything but another refusal of  love, been added to your experience?
Does the refusal of another to receive,
Draw into question the truth and sincerity of the love expressed?
If your neighbour refuses to be loved ... will you still love yourself?
Is loving yourself enough?
Perhaps it might need to be ... as all that truth renders aloneness....
Returning to the truth...
Did anyone ever say ... that the journey there, would be a joy ride?
Even if the seeking of answers is futile,
Should that mean the end, to conceiving of better questions?
Whether any of this matters to anyone else,
Can I let it matter to me?

Does it matter?

Friday, 19 May 2017

Love Without End

My dear precious child
You are loved
Beyond your capacity
To fathom it's breadth & scope
The realization of this begins, with your yes.

Why do you toil laboriously
Under the misconception
That you must
Achieve innumerable qualities
Of tyrannical exactitude

You created
An arbitrary
Self-defined standard
That which
Dogs your every step

Since conceiving & embodying
This judgemental framework
You've not drawn a full breath
Resigned to the limitation
Of self-denial

You can be forgiven
The confused orientation
Most anywhere
Your eye chooses to light
Will mirror this self-deprecation

Denigrating yourself serves no higher good
Living the embodiment
Of unconditional self love
Not only fulfills the legacy of your birthright
It gives "permission" for others to do the same

There is nothing divine
Regarding a directive
That embraces self-neglect
It is the erroneous dogma of selflessness
That creates the notion, you are incomplete

A wholly accepting view of yourself
Is a holy path
Self concern (not self-inflation)
A sacred covenant
With both yourself & creation

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Sound in the Silence

The urban doorway
Deceptively concealed
A dimension
Not immediately apparent
In what appeared
A more pedestrian setting

The primal beats
Of electronica remix
Set tremors alight
Throughout the space
Animating it's occupants
Enticing the "thinking mind"
Into a resting state
While higher frequencies were enlivened

Scantily clad
Warriors from across
The collective gender divide
Brandishing all forms
Of tribal insignia
Were navigating
The war within themselves
In order
To set human limits aside
While seeking to access
The power
Of the sleeping Gods

Muscles tensed
Sinews recoiled
Stored energy
Dynamically released
As bodies glistened
Guttural expulsion
Of exertion's excess
Dripped from the walls

A cooling respite
Through an open door
Ushers in
The battle cries....
 The warriors
Of yore

Eyes glisten
Whilst homage
Is paid
Blessings acknowledged
In an awakened passion
Battles rage
Even now
Objective since lost,
For the collection
Of heads

For what have you
Awakened the sleeping Warrior Spirit!!!

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Heart Sought Reconciliation

What is there to celebrate in the presence of absence?
This day in May
Where florists
Employ inflated market leverage
A retail cacophony
That regardless of revenue streams
Will always be too little .. too late

Is there a day
An hour
A moment
Where the feminine, women and motherhood
Should not be received in awe
Touted for their staggering heroism?
The answer is unequivocally - NO!
Yet the calendar is delineated
To imply, the waking hours of one day
Can offer this acknowledgement

How then to celebrate
A relationship predicated on non-aquaintance
A second - steeped in
The animosity and hostility
Of unhealed rage toward the masculine
Of itself, fashioning
An evasive target, of love and approval

To begin Hallmark standards of love
Are renounced
A definition of far greater breadth & depth
Must be considered
What might a soul's development
Require from such an environment?

Clearly arrival was successful
My undying appreciation for that!
I will never know the impact upon you
Of being asked to carry to term
And surrender upon delivery
I pray that yours is now,
The embrace of peace.

Could a more perfect recipe
Be conceived
To foster the need to generate love from within?
The angst and yearning
The most exquisite grist in the mill
Which set in motion
An incremental
Seeking, developing and balancing
Of the feminine within

A self sufficiency
Incubated by a sacred skepticism
The need to cultivate
A trust in the the balanced power
Of divinity within
The misuse of masculine/feminine energies
Identified as erroneous beliefs about "Power"
A door to liberation
Identified therein

An invitation to abandon victim consciousness
 Fictitious agreements and love paradigms
Has defined my life
 Been both wake-up call
And "reason" to get up in the morning
It has been both, the pain
That drove me to court taking my own life
And to seek the Source of all life
Until my life and that, could receive the same reverence.

A soul's journey has a different set of marching orders
A path defined by divine love
Might consist of twists and turns
That at first blush, may occur
To be cruel
And devoid of compassion
When they have at their roots
The intention of calling
The highest of outcomes

Calm waters
Have never produced
A worthy mariner
Bound wings
Will never soar
A love that fosters dependance
Can hobble - rather than empower

So on this day
We celebrate
The launching
Of a life
That seeks
As though the life-blood itself
A soul-aligned
Of unique and authentic

And two souls that
Gave the performance
Of their lives
To establish
My sacred trajectory

Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Life of Dreams

Can you "live the dream..?"
While maintaining a view
Through a lens
Forged in the habituated
Expectation, of catastrophe?

When will the power of bliss falter
To overcome dread, of the "falling shoe?"
What determines the presence of fabulous
And what is one's capacity, to let it in and live in it?

Has any consideration
Been directed to
Your "worst case scenario"
Being the fabric of another's dream
Or beyond the threshold
Of what they hold as possible?

Exactly what conditions
Would be required
To elicit excitement
Or appreciation?

Ask yourself right here, right now...
What is the likelihood
This spectrum of criteria
Will come together today
Collectively and entirely?

Who was it
That decided
To  blacken Polly-anna's eye?
Why is defeatist thinking
Seen as realism?

Do you have any idea
Regarding the incidence
Of daily occurring miracles
That make possible
That which you consider
A failure?

Why is there such
Undying faith
Placed in purposelessness
 And a non-supportive universe?

Why is expansive possibility
Seen as"sticking your head in the sand,"
When a non-committal approach
Is ignored as the causative factor
In failing to elicit the help of Providence?

Maybe a life of joy
Is connected
To the generation
Of some joy, for life?

Maybe Life
Could be seen
As a muse
Rather than
A scapegoat?

 It's time
To stop vilifying

After all
 Histories visionaries
Were those
That refused
To abandon
"Living the dream"