Sunday, 15 November 2015

More to be Found - Each time You Go Round

"To everything, turn, turn, turn.
There is a season, turn, turn, turn.
And a time to every purpose under heaven.
- The Byrds

Stone circles, talking circles, "we've come full circle", medicine wheels. Inhalation contains the seeds of exhalation as the dissolution of one becomes the other - cyclically then, no separation. The math escapes me - while I walk in circles measurable and those imperceptible and infinite in scope. Time in spheres of influence that have some form of orientation real or imagined, continue to keep the question alive within me - "have I cast, the circle widely enough?" "Can my personal sphere become and be maintained, as permeable; or in what ways, is there any continued rigidity that excludes in the name of protection?" Each step seen to be linear, is occurring within a revolving sequence of seasons while upon a world, that spins upon its own axis while circling the sun, a cyclical relationship without end and influence - all revolving in a solar system, within a galaxy, itself a "cell" in an infinite universe. The body I call home is equally comprised of endless concentric circles, cycles (birth, death, rebirth) all part of an evolution that is occurring within - but that has influence upon and is influenced by, all of it. It occurs to me that given the confluence of inter-related circles, it is really not possible to be "excluded." Certainly at one level it can be seen to be occurring and even the experience of it, can seem "real" - at other levels (which I get the impression only exist abstractly, symbolically, in order to convey them in mind-friendly terms) which might be seen more multi-dimensional, so then interdependent and not possible to be defined in terms of isolation - there is no exclusion. Everything then is happening inclusively - without and within, influenced by seasons, cycles and circles seen and unseen. Bearing witness to anything occurring anywhere upon the "perimeter" of the infinite mesh of interwoven circles, could easily be misjudged as it might not be clear what is to be born based on the current view; nor can a more localized occurrence immediately reveal what is held within and that will have an influence on the fabric of the greater matrix.

I present these musings with no claim of ultimate panacea - though for me personally, I find peace in considering that what appears to be going on at any given point - could be described as a "snapshot" of a point "in time" upon an endless circular journey, that is not defined in it's entirety, by that picture.
From the day we arrive on the planet
And blinking, step into the sun
There's more to see than can ever be seen
More to do than can ever be done
There's far too much to take in here
More to find than can ever be found
But the sun rolling high
Through the sapphire sky
Keeps great and small on the endless round  - Tim Rice ("Circle of Life")

Friday, 6 November 2015

Each Season is the Reason.

The tree outside my window appears to brighten its dazzling display on a daily basis. Autumn has it in its full loving embrace while it breathes its techni-colour presence then reflected through the tissue-thin membrane of its leaves; each with its individual splendor. A season of celebration is upon us, the abundance of the preceding season pours forth for all to acknowledge. The leaves with-hold nothing, knowing theirs is the prequel of the coming long, dark slumber of winter. Row upon row the trees, will then stand stripped of their ceremonial frocks. Without their collective canopy, they face naked and seemingly more vulnerable, the approaching tempests of winter storms. Meanwhile, the leaves form a quilted mosaic, soft and giving below the trees while gradually giving of their base elements back to life's cyclical call.

How easy it is to delight in the wonders and mystery of nature. How easy is it to forget that those same wonders and mystery exist within me and me within it. What will it feel like to deepen that knowing and connection, to a consistent and more stable presence - that of my very "nature?" I want to know! Not, like I might know the contents of a book, but rather intimately and personally like a friend that has experienced many seasons along with me; and though there is a glow of familiarity, a wink and a nod which speak instantaneous volumes, which could be reduced to "I know, I was there."

Even still untold mystery continually invites a further exploration as each "friend" can discover more about themselves and therefore, the other. A life long dance of familiarity and intrigue. Just enough creative tension so that familiarity doesn't become stifling and the unknown is not given such stature that it is a source of terror. A gentle incremental courting of the mystery can entice and reveal blends of previously unknown attributes, opportunities and gifts. It will be a constant companion, no amount of energy directed toward it will subdue or "defeat" it, yet it is not necessary to yard the carpet completely from under my feet in order to "challenge myself" or in order to entertain the charade that I will champion "against" the unknown "adversary." Control, not relinquished readily the illusion of predictability however becomes a limiting influence that can dash the best of friendships upon the rocks and is equally damning if turned upon myself.

How then, to turn the fear of the unknown to playful curiosity. Right relationship with self first and then with the mystery, would follow by extension. To know yourself is of great value, however, to conclude there remains nothing further to know bleeds the sweet nectar of life, to leave in its stead a barren resignation soaked landscape, a sight seen through sore eyes, that know not from whence they might be soothed. Mystery then, can be a life long ally or, a scourge lying in hiding, it becomes a choice.

Perhaps life represents then, the courtship dance which facilitates moving between these extremes, ideally, in a positive generally peace inducing direction. Though a mindset of resistance and adversarial relating would best be released altogether, perhaps a beginning can be made through consideration of such ideas as "better to know your enemy" or even "love your enemy" the former may reveal there is more to love about your enemy than fear (or further still, whom you consider your enemy was in truth, your friend. The latter then, has power to transform, thereby allowing those qualities that present as impediments to soften and transmutate into expansive attributes that continue to move mountains to reveal new doors and to swing them wide open.

A season of darkness approaches, one that fans fears flame of death and despair. However never throughout the course of light's "absence"has it vanished completely. Silently and invisibly light's infinite reach and influence continues to orchestrate what will one day appear as the magnificent spontaneous blooming of the next season. While inordinate amounts of time and energy can be directed to doubt or the certainty of finality, futility and inevitability, a debut has been in the works all along. A stunning metamorphosis lay concealed in the low light - no light. Seeds lying in wait to be germinated and incubated pre-existed even the shoulder season before the "dark." Each contains a rhythm of its own, within a rhythm co-joining them all. Each operates in infinite macrocosm and the micro-equivalent. All are inevitable and more important necessary.

Celebrate them each or collectively, for in all is the time to be in-joy!