Saturday, 2 August 2014

Knock First - Walk Softly

Accepted customs at one’s heart altar
There exists a fundamentalist – like familiarity
The practice a peal of poetic entrainment
Surely there exists, a universal viewpoint?
Will then, reverence for your own
Produce an amnesia fog?
Blinding you at the door of another
Presumption and pretense not the currency of exchange
An honour and privilege has been extended
Humble supplication situationally appropriate
How far then will you walk?
Without a thought to removing your shoes!
Knock on the door – not what you find there!
Comparison and competition – means no connection
Unlock understanding the language of love being the key
Which requires no translation
Divinity unmasked within transcends
Both the illusion of difference
And the sum of the two parts
You will find me there upon bended knee
Won’t you please meet me there!!!!!!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Matters of the Heart

For those of you that have experienced something of my written expression, perhaps today's offering might be a departure from my "usual" orientation. First time readers of course would have no frame of reference. I suppose to begin with, an objective is merited, thereby providing a measure by which it can be determined if indeed I was "in the ballpark."

My notion is to write today for and through my heart - I believe that was vaguely the intention when I created this blog. It is after all at the URL: "heartpassages" somehow though, I often seem to allow my mind/intellect to shanghai the project and frankly that part of my being is quick to take over and is particularly impressed with itself.

Conversely my heart has frequently be relegated at best, to the backseat, at worst more like sent packing or booked passage in another vehicle. Ironically if my heart could speak, it would likely say "you might think me diminutive and insignificant but I exist in vastness beyond your wildest imagination, and frankly, your imagination is rather limited and can't begin to see me."

Seen through the eyes of my heart the world is tantalizingly beautiful. Far more willing is my heart to extend and be the expression of love than my head. Having said that my heart has indeed harboured wounds and hurts, enter the would be hero my head, with it's memory and safety strategies comprised of limitation. I allow my heart to acquiesce and there is the intellect ready to take over, presuming itself to be bigger than life, weaving complexity in an attempt to impress and win approval and the voice of my heart falls silent, denied the sweet nectar of engagement, ultimately denying love the very fabric of life. This intellectual armour is much like a non-indigenous invasive species of ivy growing in the midst of a rose garden - at first it is seemingly complimentary, but eventually it demands more than it's fair share of nutrients, moisture and sunlight and the garden's original inhabitants are choked out.

Seen through the rational, cold, calculated intellect my heart can be quickly tagged "Pollyanna" or dismissed with venomous proclamations of "unrealistic" and over-emotional. Stark pragmatism the on - ramp to the highway of dehumanization.

My heart feels deeply - the plight of the world, the profound sadness that seems to exist so frequently not so deeply hidden in many people I talk with. It saddens me deeply when I am in touch with the pain that seems to be part of our shared humanity. I have examined my own pain thoroughly - so I'm not convinced that paradigm that suggests we can only feel are "own pain" we are "separate" from each other is true. At the very least my heart is deeply empathic and feels the pain of another. If at the level of spirit "we are all one" then how could it not be true that I can be both present to my own energy and that of others.