Thursday, 31 August 2017

Heart Gallery

Have you ever considered 
A walking tour 
Your own heart?

I'm sharing mine
From the perspective
An art gallery

You are free 
To utilize
This same window
through a different lens
Or not at all

I marvel once inside
As I now see
The origins 
of my awe
When blessed to witness 
Splashed across 
The horizons

To be sure 
A glorious vision
However in truth
A vast projection of 
The mosaic 
Woven throughout 
The chambers of my heart

The corridors are replete 
With the full spectral magnificence 
Which have been transformed
There, they are in various
Stages of transmutation 
Having been subject
To a divine alchemy 

This is an exhibition
As an unrivalled palette.

For a life 

That requires
Endless application
Of creativity
Be applied 
To an endless stream
Of blank canvas

My realization 
Upon my inaugural visit 
Along with a good hoovering
Regular return visits 
Were most definitely warranted

You see the thing is
Once inside 
It is my own 
Sistine Chapel
The kicker is 
Without stepping in 
The ongoing narration
Further & further

From the glorious truth
Of chamber after chamber
Of the most 
Breathtaking majesty
Spun from 
Peacock inspired 
Kaleidoscope rendered
Life soaked pyro-technics

Seize the opportunity 
I implore you
Do not allow 
The passage of another moment
That your heart remain

If you choose 
My suggested lens
Don't be surprised 
With what you find there 
"This isn't at all 
How it was described???"

I cannot begin 
To anticipate 
The decor 
In your gallery

I can assure you
I will create the most 
Profound silence
While you tell me
What you found there...
If you so choose

You never know 
I might be inspired
By what you share

To do a little redecorating 
Of my own!!

R. O'Neill (August  31, 2017)

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Divine Song

Vines labouring with the fruit of your love

Their clustered flamboyance bursting

The seeded flavour of ambrosia

Upheld to the ecstasy of knowing you

A nectarine choral avatar

Perched at the ready

To give voice to the heavens through song

As you are glorified in Love's totality

R. O'Neill (August 30, 2017)

Monday, 21 August 2017

Sacred Reunion

How long 
Will you continue 
To ignore
The anguished pleas
Volcanic rage
of the young boy
Whom you evade
Through the daylight
So he dogs you
And haunts 
The silence of the night

Days turn to weeks
Weeks to months
Months to years
Yes that was him
Those nights
When you sat 
Bolt upright
Blood running cold
Having torn 
Yourself from sleep
With your own tormented scream

Remember the falling
Down, down, down
Faster and faster
This time
You open your mouth
To scream
And there's 
Not a sound
You are in 
Desperate need of help
And you can 
Sound the alarm 
For no one

A heart aches for release 
From long-standing exile
Yearning the abyss of abandon
Be reconciled
With a new covenant 
The returning light
Fixed and focused
The labyrinthine chambers
Once desecrated through neglect
Which one again
Will echo the song
Of reverence 
Reflect a sacred resurrection

Will you now
Ease his 
Tireless suffering

You hold
The soul-sourced balm
That the likes of which
Exist in no other
Should you decline
There will be no peace
Rekindle this 
Sacred union
The holiest of relationships
Know peace

You will find him
Deep within 
A secluded glade
Upon the banks
Of the river
He has wiled away
A lifetime
Calling your return
From the depths 
At the grief 
In the eddies and backwaters
The river

Go to him if you will
He has lived 
Alone & wild
All his days
His trust 
Will not be won easily
Fits of rage
And outbursts
Will test you
Your resolve 
To be there

Make no mistake
You will not 
Be welcomed straight away
 Turn your back
And you may find
You have expended
Your only opportunity
For reunion

Your search 
For the divine
Right here
With him
He is lock and key

You must convince him
You are no longer
His captor 
Your liberation 
and his
Are dependant 

There is nothing 
You have done
Nor will you do
Represents more entirely
Your responsibility
Nor your purpose...

R.O'Neill (August 21, 2017)

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Natural Balance

"It's Human nature.."
Implies nature 
Is a collection
Of human attributes.

Rather than, 
To be 
To be
 Part of Nature.

How then 
To delve below 
The surface?
Of my 
Very humanity?

Why of course
Going down 
The rabbit-hole!

That quest began
At a time 
I would have believed
To have
"Hit the bottom"

It was. 
A bottom.
Determined by me.
But it wasn't,
As low as, 
Could be gone.
Nor was it, 
The core of being. 

There are endless
Categories and classifications.
That are virtually, 
Useless, at defining 
The nature 
The nature 

Different collectives.
Have very little 
For how 
You might choose
To define yourself.
Is a design 
To co-opt 
Your energy
To the further 
Power and existence
Of the group entity 

In a widespread
Evolution of consciousness.
And to provide a correction, 
To the gross disparity, 
Widespread oppression. 
A necessary
Swing of the pendulum
Such that women
Are able 
To more 
Readily define
Career path 

A global 
Work in Progress
To be sure
But does it stop there?
There are those, 
Whom would presume.
To not only, 
Chart their destiny, 
As women.
What it is 
To be "a man."

For any group, 
Or individual,
Push their agenda,
On another,
Group or individual.
Is a violation 
Of their soul.

Yes history 
Is replete with examples 
Of a table turned.

It doesn't begin 
to  address
Cultural group mind,
Being forced on 
Other cultures
And these mores
Were upheld 
By both genders

It behooves each.
To determine
From their own core.
From their own, 
Heart and soul.
How they, 
Hold themselves 
In the world,

If it was wrong (which it was)
For men
Be defining and limiting
The lives of women. 
It is no more 
Appropriate that men's 
Lives be determined 
By women.

There is a profound need
For a dropping 
Of widespread divineness. 
And a meteoric rise,
In empathy, compassion and understanding. 
A recognition that humanity 
Is "in this" 
The "global village",
And the "Human family",
Need to become, 
More than idealism,
Crushed beneath.
The boots 
Of dogmas
And a plethora
Of "ism's."

Growing in numbers.
Are those, 
That are throwing down,
The chains of their oppression..
Deep rigorously honest
Might well discover
One is, their own oppressor.

This can be seen constantly
In examples of 
Individuals that empower themselves
To rise beyond the status quo
Even where totalitarian regimes
Are in power

Soul-aligned self-determination.
Is behind thriving, 
For the individual,
Which would directly benefit,
Their community. 
The deeper one connects
The "themselves."
The deeper they realize, 
They are connected,
To everyone else,
And the planet we live on.

No one ought be left behind.
It is not "human nature,"
That threatens humanity. 
Nature sees to it 
That survival is 
Provided for.
It is greed and power-lust,
That see fit to seed,
The disparity in the world.
Humanity needs 
The collective power
Of all it's diversity
Focused on 
The good for all.

Continued division,
Will lead to, 
Humanities elimination.

Always seek to restore,
A balance.
If humanity, 
Refuses to align,
With Nature.
Nature will make, 
The necessary adjustment.

R. O'Neill (August 19, 2017)

Still in Love .. (Love in Still)


I want to be
Me being love

I love to love

To love myself

To love me for being
Being me to love

Love me for loving

Love me for releasing
Love whom I release
Love while I release
Love that I released

Love I'm free
Love you are free
We are free
Free to love

Love my heart that opened
Love my heart to open
Love my open heart
Love my heart to stay open

Love myself

Love to love
Love to keep on loving
Love the illusion
"To have loved"

I love
There is still love
Being still, in love
Loving that love still is
Being love still
Love being still
In love
Love being love, still
Love being

R. O'Neill (August 19, 2017)

Friday, 18 August 2017

A Time for Sensitivity

"Oh you're just being over-sensitive"
A frequent indictment
Lacking a conviction 
Of my own
I believed it

Great lengths 
And vast amounts of energy
Were directed
At repressing 
Ultimately led
To ongoing attempts
To destroy 

To hear those words uttered
Some part of me
Wants to 
"Tear you a new one.."
But I don't 
You know why?

Of that same
Maligned sensitivity
I have a reverence
For life
Even for those 
That are unable 
To acknowledge
Within themselves

Without it 
I couldn't recognize 
The composite 
Layers of cloud cover
 Of a sky 
in transformation 

Nor could I 
Breath in the colour
Of the sunset
And then paint
With words
The divine impact
Impressed upon
my heart
And echoing 
Through every cell 

I could not see
The light 
in your children's eyes
I would not feel your embarrassment
Or anticipate 
What you will 
To contribute to 
A moment of ease

I wouldn't feel
Grief at the loss
Of your life
Or of those you love
I would have no idea
What you mean
Were you to tell me
You're hurting..

I wouldn't see
Rainbows on Spider's web
Or leaves pirouetting
With the song 
Autumn's wind

I would hear
The wisdom teachings
In the Oak groves
Feel the rhythm 
Of field of dancing sunflowers
Or harmonize
With the flow
of the tides

Though once a time
Where I renounced
Space for my own 
And never was
"New age Man"
The World is not ready

Truth was
I was not 
Able or willing 
To be 
Embrace myself

I no longer
Ask anyone's permission
To be
Who I am
You need not
Love or approve
of me
Your disapproval
None of my

R. O'Neill (August 18, 2017)

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

An Unfinished Symphony......

Thomas rolled up his collar and cinched the zipper closer to his neck to guard against the coolness of the early morning air as he methodically checked the items he had loaded into the trunk of his car. It occurred to him that there was a certain irony in that he was protecting himself from the cold; despite preparing for what he intended, to be a one way trip - "let's see now, 40 oz. bottle of whiskey, enough sleeping pills to drop an elephant and a good sturdy rope." Certainly these in combination would ensure the job was done effectively - mind you he had worked a number of years in health care and he had seen the results of more than a few individuals who had botched up their attempts at suicide (and it wasn't pretty) - what if he were to be found just dangling by the rope - still alive but perhaps brain damaged due to lack of oxygen - he'd heard the other health care workers speak with a disturbing lack of compassion for these individuals - in fact it was down right disdainful. He was to be 28 years of age on the 28th of the month (which was to be his last birthday) in his mind, which was likely addled by prolonged drug and alcohol abuse he somehow thought this was somehow symbolic. 

After a life that from his perspective was plagued with doubt and failure, it didn't come as a surprise to him that he would question his ability to do this right too. There was this nagging concern - strangely not that his life would be over - what was this creeping into his thinking after so methodically laying out this plan? Couldn't really call it will to live - more like vanity (what would people think? He thought, is this to be the legacy of my life? After considering this for a while he concluded, "nobody gives a shit!"

Thomas’ head snapped abruptly forward causing all the muscles in his neck to spasm in unison sending a shooting pain which radiated up the back of his head subsiding somewhere behind his eyes. He gasped and choked, his breath involuntarily and abruptly severed. His head dropped forward like a rag doll, and his body slumped motionless. It was as though head and body no longer belonged. A violent convulsion shuddered through his body and all went black.

 “Huh what,” he said bewildered; realizing he had been asleep.  Now that all eyes were upon him, he wondered if he had drooled on himself, to add to the feeling of embarrassment, that was welling up from within him.
“Would you like to share?”
“Uh ya sure – what’s the topic?”
“Gratitude” and what it was like, what happened, and what it’s like now”
“Right, okay – Ya, my name is Thomas, and I’m an alcoholic/addict.”
“You know come to think of it – I really don’t think I’ve got much to say today – I’m grateful to be clean & sober today – good to see you all here, I think I’d really just like to listen today – thanks”.

What a crock a shit he thought to himself – on this occasion, he was far more absorbed in his own life drama; to give any real presence of mind, to what anyone else was saying. Then he thought, what was that his A.A. sponsor had to say about participating when called upon – surely he didn’t mean all the time and even if so, Thomas decided – what does he know about what I need – besides he’s not here, so what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

Though it had been quite some year’s prior, there was no denying that the planned suicide that Thomas had been dreaming of when asked to share was no dream. He had been sober only four or fives months at the time. Initially he felt great about “cleaning up his act”. He was getting all kinds of positive affirmation from people in his life and though he would have scoffed at the idea prior, it truly seemed as though he was on a natural high. He’d completed a 12-week abstinence group through the government sponsored alcohol & drugs program – access to which was made possible through his employer. The counselor he’d been seeing there was recommending he “attend some A. A. meetings” to begin to form some support and friendships with others who were working at staying sober.
Thomas was adamant – “ there is no way I’m going to get involved with that outfit, they are nothing but a bunch of bible punchers! “ He had never been to a meeting, never even known anyone that had been to a meeting. Just the same, it wouldn’t be the first time, nor would it be the last, that Thomas made decisions based on very little real evidence. More often than not, based on the thin fabric of his imagination; which he crafted masterfully, into an unassailable truth (at least in his own mind). Once there, nothing generally would dissuade him. 

In fact he seldom if ever found it necessary to defend his positions as he certainly wouldn’t allow himself to look bad by needing to ask the guidance of anyone else and if he was in a position where a different perspective was being presented – he truly felt that no one else could possibly understand the complexities of his life nor was it likely they would suggest anything that he’d already considered and dismissed. (He had no idea that the forces he had set in motion or perhaps that were now beginning to assert themselves; would sometimes slowly, sometimes with the subtlety and immediacy of a wrecking ball, break down his denial and at the same time demonstrate, how the rigidity of his thinking, was both the walls of the prison and the jailer, that created his chronic sense of disconnection and isolation).

 If push came to shove and something was being demanded of him by an “authority” figure he’d just “give em the old lip service, and do what ever he wanted anyway”. It was for these and so many other reasons that Thomas was resistant to allowing too many people to get too close (closeness invariably invites getting hurt, arms length is close enough and his overriding principle on relationship would best be described as “can’t hit (hurt) a moving target”) – “it really just complicates my life too much” (his idea of baggage being the excessive demands of others which increases exponentially by the number of people you allow in your life) The problem for Thomas always existed somewhere out there. (He always considered himself very adept at discerning what others needed to do to redirect their life but had never considered the need to examine the man in the mirror.

It completely escaped him for example, that he had briefly looked at addiction as being a problem in his life when he was eighteen years old. He started into the very group he had just now completed, at that time it only took attendance at three sessions before he convinced himself “he was way younger than anyone in the room” “he didn’t have all the screwed up relationships like everyone in the room” and “he didn’t have all the legal and financial problems of everyone else in the room.” Therefore, he couldn’t possibly have an addiction problem. Never mind that he still lived at home and was largely sheltered from some of the realities that the others had faced – he was oblivious to the fact that the only thing separating him from them was time. So rather than get the lesson at that time, sure enough, once he invested another ten years of his life into drinking and drugging he could then say; he was just like the people who sat in the room along with him – of course pride and denial, would not allow him to make that association immediately. Even with the state of his life and worse still, his mental/emotional state, he managed to hold himself at least a rung or two higher than some in the circle. When it came to those in the room, with whom he felt inferior, he concluded; that what he perceived to be their successes, would not have been possible, had they been dealt the same hand as he.

The discussion at the meeting was reduced to a drone as his thoughts became consumed by the recollection of life at a time when most of his conscious thoughts centered on ending life. He was no longer receiving the accolades for remaining sober from those in his social circles (he had no idea nor would he have admitted if he did, how much he was being bolstered by this attention) – he actually didn’t know anyone that didn’t drink and drug - most to excess. Without the comfort of the fog of oblivion the state of his life was increasingly apparent, and he was sure it was beyond his capacity to overcome the extensive damage left in his wake. It was then he thought that he never felt so alone in his entire life (which wasn’t entirely true he always felt alone but there was no escaping this all-encompassing sense of isolation and there was no attributing this to just a bad night – this was a despair that consumed every cell of his being).

He recalled that the “kit” he had prepared had been in the trunk of his car for weeks prior to his “birthday” (he became increasingly melancholy as the day approached though he had no way of knowing what was to be “born” on the day he had chosen to die).
When the day finally arrived he had decided to drive one last time down by the waterfront, though he likely would not have admitted how much he enjoyed it there, just the same he found a sense of comfort there. It was an uncharacteristically hot day (for the Pacific Northwest) a day that many would consider to be one of the “only true” days of summer weather – even the ocean breeze was warm and lacked it usual sea-side freshness. The view out over the straits was so clear that the features of the mountains along the horizon were easily visible beneath the snowcap. The surf gently kissed the shoreline – while the sound of the gulls rang out overhead. In all it was a scene that begged to be included in someone’s collection of vacation photo’s – even still the splendor of the seaside vista was lost on Thomas who was hopelessly lost in the catacombs of his mind.
“How in God’s name did I get here?” he thought to himself.
“Shit is this it – is this really it? What the hell happens from here if I actually go through with this?” Is there a heaven or of more concern, is there a hell, and am I heading there on the fast track?”
 “Fuck I really don’t think I’m ready to find out – but I’m pretty sure I can’t live like this any longer!!”
Oh for fuck sake God – if you actually exist what the fuck am I supposed to do? – I need help!!!”
Thomas slumped over the steering wheel of his car and began sobbing uncontrollably (it completely escaped his awareness at the time but he had not cried for years)
The car stereo had been playing in the background – which Thomas was largely ignoring until just in the moment of his prayer (albeit laced with profanity even still was likely the most sincere cry for help he had ever uttered)
The next song to play made him sit bolt upright and take notice:
“When I was younger so much younger than today”
“Never needed anybody’s help in anyway”
“Now those day are gone, I’m not so self-assured”
“Now I find, I’ve changed my mind, I’ve opened up the door”

“Oh my God am I really hearing this?” I mean, of course I’m hearing it but I’ve listened to this song dozens of times – well at least it’s been playing and I was there at the time – Lennon/McCartney’s “Help” they made a movie by the same title – but the movie was nonsense – “wasn’t it?) Is this what they meant when they wrote the song – what is the song about anyway?

He listens in again:

“And now my life has changed in oh so many ways,
“My independence seemed to vanish in the haze.”
“But every now and then I feel so insecure,
I know that I need you like I’ve never done before.”

Thomas still behind the wheel of his car is in utter dismay – “is he really hearing what he thinks he is hearing?”
“How could this be it’s the Beatle’s?” “I must be losing my mind.” Suddenly aware of how deeply absurd he thinks this to be he quickly looks around to “see” if anyone is looking?
Relieved that though there are people walking about with their dogs and couples walking side by side or arm in arm (after all it is a public park) he chuckles to himself at the depth of his self-consciousness as he realizes his concern for whether people walking by are hearing what is going on – (? in his mind).
As the song is ending:
“Help me get my feet back on the ground, won’t you please, please help me. – Help me, help me, oo.”
He screams out “My God I don’t want to die – please help me!!” and recoils back over the steering wheel – his body heaving with the intensity of his emotion.
The words no sooner left his mouth – when he heard very clearly someone say, “would it hurt to go to an A.A. meeting, what do you have to lose?” – again he snapped upright in his seat wiping his eyes – aware that he had been crying so hard that it was now next to impossible to breath. He looked in the console of the car for a napkin to blow his nose – given moments ago he was contemplating suicide, one would think that a sleeve might have sufficed for the clean up – but no, that wasn’t about to happen, after all he paid $500.00 for the leather jacket he was wearing.

He looked around and there was no one to be seen anywhere, and even if anyone was near enough to have been in ear shot all his windows were rolled up, he couldn’t hear anything that was going on outside the vehicle. So where did the voice come from? Well obviously the “idea” was his – after all he was a highly intelligent person. There could be no other explanation – could there? (It never occurred to him as he considered this that many of his “ideas” or at least his choices had led him to be here this very day on the brink of taking his own life)
Just the same regardless of the “source” of the idea – “it may have merit” – really what would it hurt to check out a meeting – if it turned out to be a waste of time (and he was sure that it would) he could always resume his intention.
That was it then – the plan had changed (or at least was on hold temporarily). Thomas had been wrong frequently in his life – though just the same he always tried to carry himself has though nothing “impressed” him – always an exterior of “cool, calm and collected” – never could he allow the impression that he was “unsure.” The experience in the car on this occasion – rattled him though, but even so, it was so far out from anything that fell within his belief system – (though he knew something quite profoundly unique had happened - what difference did that make – it’s not like he would ever tell anyone about the experience – “shit they’d throw a net over me for sure!”

Thomas’s attention was brought back to the present moment as the person sitting next to him dropped the basket in his lap that was used for the collection of the voluntary donations, which supported the meeting itself and various level of service throughout the A.A. organization – he rummaged through his pocket for some coin, at the same time he heard the person chairing the meeting inviting “all who wish to close with the Serenity Prayer.” He joined in the closing prayer – rushed to secure access to the exit, there were times when he enjoyed the “meeting after the meeting” which was a measure of change that had come about in him since that fateful day so long ago (when he operated on what he had decided was a whim to his first A.A. meeting) today though he was eager to be alone with his own thoughts.