Friday, 11 December 2015

Soul Food

Great Spirit
A love as complete as yours
Words unable to shape
Lest they confine
Calls then not the need for
Petitions seeking your forgiveness 
You know in advance
Me as the doer
Deeds misguided
Seeded in the pain born
Of a wounded heart -
Your compassion complete
Absolution readily available
Delivered upon a quantum laced arrow
The world provides a multitude of mirrors
Offering a reflection
Of the one
Capable of impeding love absolute
Resolute eyes return my gaze
A self-deceptive piousness
Hence fashioned the spear
To lance my prideful posture
I sought to build
A fortress of knowledge
Rather than invite
My heart as the temple
Prepared for
A lifetime of knowing you
I seek then an emptiness
To be filled
With your grandeur
Glory is yours - not mine
I can only express to another
How I too yearned in my heart
To know you
No recognition is my due
Nor can I presume
To direct
For anyone
The journey of their heart.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Truth in Resilence

How then to love
From innocence in exile
Sensitivity a plenty
Bartered for safe passage
Upon a world intent
To beat the song from my heart
Long lived the crooked smile
That made a mockery
Of a torrent of tears
Held at bay
By shrouds of darkness
And silent rage
The sum total
Of a prison built of self-deception
Through silence rings
A voice tender yet sure
"Defend not
Lest you dam the river
From which you yearn to drink
To avail yourself of life's sweetest nectar
 Is to live audaciously
The truth of who you are
 Betrayal's falsehood, then banished
As when the sun warms
The mist soaked bog
Love never fails

You can only fail to love"