Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Truth the Final Frontier

I'm going to go along with Tina Turner and proclaim "We" (in the interest of personalizing it) I, don't need another hero!!" Whether my interpretation of that song lyric reflects its intended meaning, matters not - I am standing in "what I'm making it mean.." Of course art is open to interpretation and what it elicits from the beholder.

I don't need rescuing or care-taking - so would be "white knights" can either hang up their armour when interacting with me or need not apply at all.  This is not to say I don't appreciate nurturing, support, encouragement and loving-kindness. I'm clear the former is debilitating, stifling, smothering and generally detracts from an expansive quality of life. The latter, part of an environment that has love as its basis and is far more conducive to vitality, empowerment and living in alignment.

The fact that I'm not, "broken" doesn't preclude my want to proclaim, if you are inclined (consciously or otherwise) to want to "fix" things, I am not your next winter project.

To be clear this applies equally with respect to my assuming these roles in the lives of others. I respect the innate power of each and fully stand in, upholding the dignity for everyone - of their own journey. As such, I surrender any notion, that there be any need for me to define myself, by means of showing up in ways that lessen others & myself.

I am committed to showing up in the world, as he, defined through the ongoing connection and surrender to, the God of my understanding, via my aligned soul. No other man, women or child will determine who I am. Your perspectives, visions and experiences around what it is to be a man in the world, will be considered and held with interest and curiosity; you won't be allowed to interfere with what is between me and God. The agenda of others is none of my business.

I do not need a leader. Which is not to say I don't have need for teachers within my life. All "leaders" are not created equally. Many presume to lead, for the express purpose of accumulating followers. I serve the ego-gratification of no one. It is only my responsibility to seek to illuminate the dictates of my own ego where that creates limitations. I reserve the intention at all times and in all ways, to determine and discern, moment to moment, my willingness to follow guidance from outside myself. I will blindly follow, no one. There is no reason to believe that where another presumes to lead - that there is any benefit for me, or that their vision, isn't far more about serving them, than it does me. I don't condemn the self-interest of others - but I won't abdicate my own guidance nor acquiesce to anyone. I don't believe in ego-driven hierarchy - I will maintain, "all are created equally."

I am responsible to bring forth the best possible version of myself. One who seeks ongoing, to be an expression of the love of God - as it uniquely expresses through me. No one, but no one, has any idea of what that might look like.

God, self, others..... God's business, my business, the business of others... Perhaps keeping clean and clear on these in themselves, are ample to keep me engaged full time. I can forgive myself those times when I allow the order of priority to shift - it's also my responsibility to realign myself and reprioritize. It's not a case of what God "needs" - it's more to do with determines the quality of my inner peace (or whether I have any at all). I am clear there is no one outside of myself that provides that. This provides both me and anyone I interact act with a great deal of freedom. If I'm operating from my aligned centre I cannot be controlled by anyone else nor am I looking to someone else for my sense of safety, amusement, love or approval. How liberating!! For those that can appreciate that spaciousness sheer delight. For those that attempt to build their value through the dependance of others it might well be disconcerting.

It is through this "declaration of independence" that I become clear within myself of my intentions. It states opening and authentically my chosen path and creates a platform of personal accountability - which provides me an anchor and self-assessment tool.

Too frequently through my life, I have allowed my voice to fall silent. Of course there have been those times, when it might have been preferable, that it had remained silent. Nothing can change in that, defined as my "personal world," nor in the world at large, if my power is given to those whom presume authority - they have none, that I don't willingly hand them.

I am, "the one I've been waiting for!!!" (Thank you Hopi prophecy). Better to be alone for a time, in who that is, than in the company of those that seek affirmation through numbers for themselves, offering at best, a conditional love.

I then trust that in alignment with my values and truth - a divine loving community will form...

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