Tuesday, 10 April 2018

A Moment for the Dance

By an 
Unseen song

First a gentle sway
To & fro
To follow,
An alluring
Tempo acceleration
Rhythmic undulation
A uniform gyration
Come hither

I'm captivated
By the 
Visual symmetry
A lower lip
Set to quiver
I swallow hard
Vision softens
Eyes brimming 
With a 
Flood of delight
I'm swept away

Inner experience
External display
Become one
Life force energy
Pulses ecstatically
Corporeal confinement

A breath caught short
While a heart expands
Beyond four chambers
To embrace infinity
Such splendour
Tantalizing & mesmerizing 
In equal portions

Emerald fields 
Of Spring's resurrection
My deep appreciation 
For the dance.

R. O'Neill (April 10th, 2018)

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