Friday, 1 April 2016

Soul-based Tourism

In what some metaphoric references might deem the mid to late summer, maybe the early fall of my life, I have been inspired to bring more creative expression through and into the world.  At the present that takes the form of writing and singing. Whether the metaphor is apt or not is anybody's guess, could just as easily be "over" later today for all I know; which I suppose then would be deemed the rapid onset of "winter."

Nothing unusual about someone embracing different latent talents or discovering new passions "later" in life. In fact I suppose closer to the truth, is that there is no "right time." Some are aware of their talents/interests early in their life and both pour themselves into development and are encouraged to do so.  Others may not receive any such encouragement, perhaps instead have been subject to controlling influences that directed their "vocation." Also possibly they have spent a significant time distracted by indulging the layers of patterning that set them on a trajectory; that kept them plying the waters of the familiar shoreline, rather than embarking on the vast unknown of the open sea.

So far I have only referenced creative pursuits that fall into what are commonly known as the "arts" (which of course can be the vehicle for endless creative expression). Creativity is by no means restricted to these performance and visual arts. Creativity can be actively engaged in any facet of living.

It has occurred to me lately that through the ongoing pursuit of my chosen mediums I am continuing to search for my voice. Which is to say I am seeking the voice of my soul. In part the selection of the mediums might represent "soul choices" however I believe it just as accurate to say a pathway to my soul is being provided through the mediums which is facilitating further development but is not reliant on those mediums. As such, I don't know for sure that I will continue these forms of expression indefinitely. I don't see this as a pre-mediated copout. I literally don't know.  It's more a case of knowing I'm committed to the further realizing of my soul, but I acknowledge that might take different "forms" along the way.

Frankly, if I was going to quit because the going presented some bumps in the road or allowed myself to succumb to the expectation of immediate gratification I would have bailed long ago! The thing is, soul development can and does take place; though simultaneous with earthly/material pursuits, the outward appearance might belie the inward journey, so that the latter is not dependent on the former.

Whether through singing or writing as the "vehicle,"a ripening takes place over time that is part of my personal maturation. This process certainly could be accessed through other means, each need only go where they feel drawn and use what they discover about themselves along the way as further catalyst. It's not necessarily through "activity" that such evolution occurs - there are countless stories of those that have undergone profound transformation while themselves infirm; perhaps for a long term period of time when they were the most "in-active" they had ever been.

These soul-directed directions might well "defy" ones own "logic and reason" at least I have experienced this to be the case. There certainly isn't a neon sign outlining the outcomes whenever I feel "nudged" to be, say or do. And to be clear one should forget about applause in any form for such choices, at any given time your decision to follow your heart might well ruffle the feathers of those closest to you or have even more widespread implications.

I'm not sure that it would be accurate to say I'm being guided by "morals" in fact, I believe the "framework" as such must go. There are endless examples of group consciousness that are said to be acting from some moral high ground that have committed all forms of atrocities. If "the law of the land" were to be the benchmark, the likes of Schindler, Mother Teresa, Joan of Arc, Gandhi (and innumerable others) would have sat idly by while the "powers that be" called the shots.

Things begin to move and shake outside that which is already established (familiar) I believe that can be said to be true "without" and "within." Which begins to point to why the gatekeeper known as the mind keeps trying to run interference as one (certainly myself) begins to trace the wispy threads previously lying dormant as the seeds of potential. The stirring may be just barely perceptible at first and may present as implausible, maybe indefinitely; if trust and faith aren't exercised as well. I would suggest that a significant power is at play here. Consider the immense force at work when a seed germinates below the surface of an asphalt or concrete surface. So much so that even though there is no perceivable tremor or "explosion," just the same, when the time is right, this life form erupts through what might have been thought to be an impenetrable surface!

There is so.... so, much I don't know or understand; in this moment that doesn't present as any particular threat! This same lack of knowing applies to myself as well. Given this, I can't assume to be able to express in absolutes. A recent perceptual experience demonstrated to me an example of deeper awareness on my part of what was going on, right in my midst.  A month or so ago I got another piercing in my ear lobe. As part of the post-procedure care I was instructed to soak my ear in warm water and sea salt twice per day. When I rested my head on the bowl of water to allow my ear to submerse, suddenly I was aware of a variety of others sounds that weren't "audible" to me otherwise. I suppose the sound waves were transferred to the water where I then could "hear" them in some fashion. I suddenly realized (in part) the gravity of various military testing of explosives and the impact that would have on dolphins and whales (for whom hearing is exponentially more sensitive) - I do digress.

It also immediately occurred to me - just how much is going on "beyond my perception" I may never know, but I would suggest it is astronomical to say the least. How can anyone ever be "bored" when there lies in wait so much to be explored, discovered and experienced? I don't think it's actually possible - unless one mistakenly holds to be true they've "been there, done that" UNIVERSALLY!

I suppose the road to discovery must begin through the familiar. Some of those "discoveries" may well come as a result of an "accidental" departure while traversing the familiar. While it can be great to take on newness in different areas of ones life - it might well be equally profound to explore that which still remains unseen within the familiar.  A mindset can be a severely limiting lens.

I read the intro page of a book that is someone's presentation on the writing of poems. It suggested that it is not necessary (or desirable) to repeat what has already been said. In order to "break new ground" one then, was advised to read that which exists in order to know when a new form or observation was being expressed. (or at least read the complete works of someone). Either seems rather daunting to me - however I see what they are driving at.

I certainly enjoy reading so some attention to the works of others will no doubt be inspiring. I suspect though that my truth and authentic soul voice will be attained as with the story of the creation of Michelangelo's "David" - by chipping away all that is not me!

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