Friday, 19 May 2017

Love Without End

My dear precious child
You are loved
Beyond your capacity
To fathom it's breadth & scope
The realization of this begins, with your yes.

Why do you toil laboriously
Under the misconception
That you must
Achieve innumerable qualities
Of tyrannical exactitude

You created
An arbitrary
Self-defined standard
That which
Dogs your every step

Since conceiving & embodying
This judgemental framework
You've not drawn a full breath
Resigned to the limitation
Of self-denial

You can be forgiven
The confused orientation
Most anywhere
Your eye chooses to light
Will mirror this self-deprecation

Denigrating yourself serves no higher good
Living the embodiment
Of unconditional self love
Not only fulfills the legacy of your birthright
It gives "permission" for others to do the same

There is nothing divine
Regarding a directive
That embraces self-neglect
It is the erroneous dogma of selflessness
That creates the notion, you are incomplete

A wholly accepting view of yourself
Is a holy path
Self concern (not self-inflation)
A sacred covenant
With both yourself & creation

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