Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Sound in the Silence

The urban doorway
Deceptively concealed
A dimension
Not immediately apparent
In what appeared
A more pedestrian setting

The primal beats
Of electronica remix
Set tremors alight
Throughout the space
Animating it's occupants
Enticing the "thinking mind"
Into a resting state
While higher frequencies were enlivened

Scantily clad
Warriors from across
The collective gender divide
Brandishing all forms
Of tribal insignia
Were navigating
The war within themselves
In order
To set human limits aside
While seeking to access
The power
Of the sleeping Gods

Muscles tensed
Sinews recoiled
Stored energy
Dynamically released
As bodies glistened
Guttural expulsion
Of exertion's excess
Dripped from the walls

A cooling respite
Through an open door
Ushers in
The battle cries....
 The warriors
Of yore

Eyes glisten
Whilst homage
Is paid
Blessings acknowledged
In an awakened passion
Battles rage
Even now
Objective since lost,
For the collection
Of heads

For what have you
Awakened the sleeping Warrior Spirit!!!

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