Sunday, 4 March 2018

Shadow's Matrimony

A relational convenant
That spanned decades
 Naively conceived consent
A marvel of marketing prowess
That which conjured
For shame's taint

"No no..." 
You'll not need to work hard!!
You will be draped 
In apathy's shawl
And a fine weave
Spun from the threads
Of resignation!!!

Your's will be a stasis
Steeped in 
Complacency and mediocrity 
This bedfellow of yours
Will encapsulate
Your safety
In an abyss
That for you
Normalizes a 
Race to the bottom

You will seek
The company 
Of those 
 Dweling there
In kind
None will
Seek to overcome
The others
The prevailing belief
Being that of
The collective virtue
Of an oasis
Fabricated from 
A harmonized
Victim consciousness

At what price
Will this 
Life-long bastion
Provide you refuge?
You need not 
Be concerned
The currency
Is well within 
Your means

All of this
Can be yours...
You need only
Agree to offer
In exchange....

Your soul

R. O'Neill (March 04, 2018)

1 comment:

  1. Beautifully shared. I myself (as I Am sure you as well feel the same) will never 'sell my soul' nor would I ever go back to being asleep. For me, I suppose in some ways I went to sleep in certain areas of my life over my many years where the shadow came in to a point in those areas, yet never sold my soul though many tried and tempted me to do such, the shadow never won, either win or without nor did the shadow ever completely have me fall asleep of which I Am appreciative to Source because it is really my connection to, with, and from Source that has kept me from fully falling into that abyss of the shadow. Instead I use the shadow to integrate, balance, come into and remember my wholeness and is what I help others with. Thank you for this beautiful prose and the reminder of this I share here.