Saturday, 7 January 2017

Ode to Dundalk

Your embrace entwines heart and soul
Ensnaring hidden places, previously unknown
The stones themselves
A time defying ancestral call
Love-soaked for a lifelong yearning heart
Hear their lament
The windsong through the trees
Feel their staccato kisses
In the falling rain
A forgotten love reawakened
Equal parts balm and lance
How might I reconcile
Present life's loss
To a reunion
With the love of antiquity
Perhaps that benefit be maximized
Seeking explanations, ought to be abandoned
A moment spent seeking reason
Is a moment lost, to a heart-felt celebration
How then, can give way, to profound gratitude, for what is
Riddling might then, be over-ridden, by being & embracing
Home, may be where the heart is
But, there is no telling, where the heart may, find a home

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