Monday, 10 September 2018

More Shall be Revealed...

As I ponder transforming a blank page into a back drop for expression; I become aware of my arm, and the newly added continuation, of a tattoo that now encompasses my entire forearm. It is currently entering, the "healing" stage, which involves a great deal of peeling skin. Now, on a much more unnoticeable level, skin is constantly being renewed ... "dead" skin being sloughed off to be replaced by the new. This marvel is occurring throughout our "human" body, right down to the cellular level. I believe I recall, that at the completion of each seven year cycle, nothing remains from the previous period of time that once comprised our body, bones, skin, vital organs hair (well in my case the hair is not particularly rejuvenated). Of course one may well have a mixture of previously held belief and ideas blended with completely aspects of new consciousness.

The more visual healing and peeling of the tattoo work - brings to mind for me, both the metaphor of snakes shedding their skin (as symbolic of transformation) and the wonder of transformation that is occurring within and without all day, every day.

For those adverse to tattoos, it might be more challenging to embrace my affinity for body "adornment;" as representative or reflective of anything positive, (let alone transformation). It works for me, as I have nothing but positive associations with it.

There are both active and passive aspects to the care and healing of a tattoo. Keeping it clean, moisturizing after the first few days, would comprise the active portion. The passive (which might well be every bit, if not more important) is to leave it the hell alone. The healing tattoo site is a microcosm of "A season for everything...." one cannot "speed up the healing" - by picking and peeling.... The skin will come off, when the underlying new skin has formed. Impatience (in the form of "pushing the river..") invites scarring. Again, those that don't share the enthusiasm for tattoos, may consider their presence alone.... scarring/defacing; - you are invited to see beyond your opinion, and just embrace the analogy.

"What the hell is that "thing" going to look like when you're ninety?" Well for me, I'm clear; there's no guarantee I'll see ninety, so I will focus on self-expression ... here and now. If I were to "know" or to have had it "foretold" - "you will live to ninety;" knowing what I know about me, that might just further create for me, the impression I have scads of time, to express what is true for me. As it stands, I don't know my incarnate schedule - so I actively, albeit while tripping over myself, grow into and express my authentic self - here and now. As such, I've come to understand and have compassion for, the presence of those "blocks" within myself (and the rate at which they are healed/remove)... it serves no useful purpose to "pick at those "scars" either" - there too, seasons come and season go. There are both active and passive aspects to this journey as well. I have an active and ongoing responsibility to my own life. From what might be seen as a more "passive" side of the coin... I focus on developing a deeper faith, in the process of life itself, and that which orchestrates it.

Sometimes tricky business, knowing when to actively show up and when to keep my hands off; God's business and my business. Of course it's ever so helpful if I align my business with God's business (make God's business, my business .. so to speak) by which I mean, do my best to, not run interference. I don't believe for a minute that there is any "punishment" for doing so, it just may mean another "go around.." & another season. No foul committed there either!

Well there you have it... transformation has occurred and is occurring; with and without, within and without, seen and unseen, with and without mine or your, participation!

I'll close with expressing reverence and awe for all that has been brought to my awareness and for all that I don't know, I don't know.

R. O'Neill (September 10, 2018)

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