Saturday, 23 September 2017

Through the Looking Glass

What is it you see
When you claim
To be looking 
At me?
Will you insist

I am 



In your cold stare
Through eyes
That evade
The contents
Your own soul

To be sure
Your's might well
Be the shaft of light
That illuminates 
for me
The dark recesses
Corridors within 
That lay
Beyond my awareness
Or my current
To assume ownership
Of those facets
Of my humanity

I've needed 
To seek beyond
My own story
That I could 
Begin to see
Closer to the truth
If you are particularly
Attached to 
Your lens
on the world
The view 
You perceive
Which would include
Any assessment 
of me
Would necessarily
Be defined
By your story

Nobody writes
My story
But me
You might 
Be invited to 
Provide a contribution 
To the story
You may 
Be invited to 
Provide a perspective
On my story
Uninvited assessments
Are renounced
and not taken
To heart
Though they 
Might be examined
And sifted to 
Any useful truth
 for my

Can serve 
As a useful measure
For self awareness
To others
Or expectations
Of another
Based on their
Own story
Not as useful 

"Be the change"
Will occur
When each
Based on self-reflections
Determines where
And in what way
They could 
A better world
Reflecting that change

R. O'Neill (September 23, 2017)

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  1. Beautiful gift of truth. And I love the poignancy of your words here. Thank you for such a present of presence ~Lady Nenari, Princess of the Sea, Lady of Glencoe, Highlands Scotland