Monday, 4 September 2017


If you are not prepared 
To hear the story
You are not ready
To receive 
The gems held within

You are like
The new born infant
Immersed in 
A consciousness of 
Instant gratification
This is natural a state
For that infant
Not so for you
An adult 
Come down then
From your high horse
Lest you be thrown
By your portrayal
Of spiritual advancement
The requisite 
Foundation pillars

 even a modicum 
of patience
Little chance 
You will empower
Sinew and bone
Hone the blade
Of persistence 
Undying steadfastness
Necessary to do battle
With your own demons

Feigning ascension
Will have little consolation
When the fabric 
Of your own darkness
Imprisons your heart
In muted inaction

The battle 
You presume to wage
With all those 
Around you
Calls the warrior spirit 
Within you 
All that you can bring to bear
Upon that which
Would have you
Wandering life's gardens
Convinced they are battlefields
Where eventually 
Your lifeless body would be found
Having choked the life 
From it
With your own hand.

R. O'Neill (September  04, 2017)

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