Saturday, 30 September 2017

Shadow Un-boxing...

"Only the shadow knows...."
Knows what?
That it can 
Be profoundly influential
Without an awareness
"It" actually exists..

The discovery 
Coming out from 
Behind the shadow
Is not easy 
First of all 
Because of 
It's unconscious nature

Beyond that
As awareness deepens
That which is revealed
Isn't necessarily
That which 
Will be revelled in
Not necessarily 
On one's 
Tell me 
a little about yourself 

A useful distinction
Is awareness
By taking responsibility
Without an ongoing
Identifying with 
What is then 

If self-admonishment
Becomes activated
That in itself
Might be considered 
In the light of 
It must be considered
To consider oneself
Limited by these
Shadow aspects
and certainly
There are 
Further shadow elements
In operation
If one considers themselves
Superior to anyone 
That hasn't undertaken 
This self-examination

And claims of 
"The Unconsciousness" in others
Claimed specialness
More an invitation
To seek further
The shadow 
Than any true 
Nobody is of 
More (or less) 
Value to Humanity

What is gained
By upholding
These shadow ways of being?
What is 
In it for you
If you insist
You see more of 
Me, than I can see 
of myself?
Just as likely
Avoidance of self
In claiming to see 

It would take 
Someone that has
Very thoroughly
Looked at 
Their own shadow
To be able to 
Truly see another
Without imprinted themselves
Upon what the "see." 
It's pretentious
To believe 
You know better 
Someone else's journey
It is arrogant
And invasive
To impose your 
Unsolicited "views"
On anyone else

Each ought to be 
The dignity 
Of their own journey
Even an accurate

Could potentially 
Do more harm 
Than good
If imposed
Before it's 

Words to live by
Might include
If your view 
Wasn't invited 
Then your view
Wasn't invited....

R. O'Neill (September   30, 2017)

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