Tuesday, 9 October 2018

We Are the World... So Now What's it Going to Be?

I hear very little, nearly nothing at all, from the innumerable "special interest" groups that draws attention to; what each of it's members, needs to do, to contribute positively to the evolution of humanity and making the world a better place to live. Most without fail, collectively point at other groups and subsets of humans as being the source of all the insanity. Within any given group (if there is anything approaching authentic expression going on therein) there will present, from the ranks themselves; the individual mindsets, world views, prejudices, wounds etc.) some of these people are hiding from themselves in these perhaps otherwise, worthy "causes." Where better for a rabid "rageoholic" to lose themselves, in the collective cacophony of anger. Rather than address their own anger issues, they can just blend in with the "righteous" anger of their peers. When all they want to do is continue their love affair with their anger.

The cause is not the cure.

Most certainly, when the cause ought to be, YOU!

The collective landscape is littered with "activism" - that frequently can and does turn a blind eye to any other facet of humanity, that doesn't share their specific, special interest. (I'm not saying that there isn't a need to stand - I am saying when will there be, a more united stand, for humanity?)

So deeply entrenched are the masses in "win at all costs" & "dog eat dog" mentality, that there is precious little energy directed to "we're in this together" - so how do we created "Win-Win." There is so much concern for "destroying the enemy" - nary anyone, stops to point out the lack of humanity present in the would be "destroyers." Ah, but theirs is a "righteous anger," so their atrocities are of the virtuous variety.

Humanity loses - when men & women are pitted against each other.
Humanity loses - when people of different cultures and ethnicity are pitted against each other.
Humanity loses - when people of different religious/spiritual beliefs are pitted against each other.
Humanity loses - when people who don't have "spiritual" beliefs are pitted against those that do.
Humanity loses - when people who identify with a particular politics, are pitted against each other.
Humanity loses - worshipping & perpetuating an economy that decimates their home.

You don't speak the truth just because you yell the loudest.
No one of these residents, on either side of the dichotomies, has all the answers (they don't have to, because their interest isn't for anyone but themselves).

Your being hurt - does not justify the continuance of spreading more hurt.

There is no one from any of the groups that isn't contributing to the current state of the world.
There isn't anyone that has the monopoly on the suffering.
There certainly is no one that has all the answers.
There is no one that hasn't contributed to the suffering.

I suspect humanity is going to need to learn to play TOGETHER in the sand box or the "sand box" is going to rid itself of it's resident parasites - like a dog shakes fleas.

R. O'Neill (Oct. 09, 2018)

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