Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Elemental Ode

While Orcas breech,
Tide pools house mass communities.
Falling stars paint the heavens.
Each moment contains a dance.
Infinitely complex.
With a choreography,
So magnificent.
That the most sophisticated computer,
Cannot begin to unravel it's wonders.

 A morning dew drop,
Adorns a solitary grass spear.
While casting a web a glow,
With luminescent pearls,
Inestimable dividends deposited upon the heart,
Of those that witness the soaring eagle.
Behold the tapestry of Autumn's finest frocks.
Each falling leaf gracefully pirouettes downward,
Where a playful wind, can coax a spiralling presentation.

Window pane canvasses.
 Winter's gallery of eclectic,
Abstract frost offerings.
Silence embraced in the shroud of darkness.
Ever while, the seeds of spring, are held in incubation.
Once suitably warmed,
The bird song aria,
Will pronounce it's arrival.
Death gives rise to new life.

Stones mark that passage of time.
Witness to all.
Wisdom there for the asking.
They remain stalwart & unperturbed whilst ignored.
Rain the giver of life.
One group bemoan it's abundance,
While another dances for it's return and celebrates it's arrival.
Cleansing, refreshing, nourishing - elemental building block.
Transportation and energy transducer medium.

Fire - warms the planet creating a hospitable environment.
Ushers in transformation through creation and destruction.
A key element in cellular metabolism & byproduct of energy production.
Natural forest management system.
While inviting community,
Warming hearth, heart and homes.
Appreciate for the moment,
The sun shines equally on all - divinely inclusive!
There is no question of who is -"deserving."

A random selection of observational musings.
Though perhaps nature itself,
Is far more knowingly selective.
What do I know?
Mine neither definitive nor exhaustive.
Another day - another view.
How delicious!
 Should I arise tomorrow,
That which was unseen, might come into view.

Therefore my list,
Whether one thousand by one thousand,
Will remain incomplete,
Never capturing it all.
It is not necessary to see everything.
Understanding too - on a "need to know basis."
Still I reserve awe and reverence,
For each element,
That composes the divine symphony!


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