Sunday, 27 November 2016

Once Upon No Time

Precious child of the universe
Your ravenous cries
Resonate to the farthest reaches
Of never ending time and space
Be heartened - they are heard
The answer awaits
Your willingness to harken a silent voice
You were impressed
With an orphan's story
So you might come to know
For you
Of a love so complete
That there is no part of you
That is not elementally
Comprised of the same
It surrounds you
It embraces you
It is you
No matter your resolute non-requital stance
Denied experience
Not equal to
Denied existence
Closer than your next breath
Triggered by your yes
Unconditionally accepting of your no
So endlessly patient
That none is required
Imagine an all pervasive "force"
Offering an unlimited all encompassing freedom
That flash of recognition
Allows a glimpse
Upon the unfathomable source
Yours for the "asking"
Limitless compassion reaches out to your cries
While their utterance limit you
Again and again
Know that an infinite answer
Was dispatched and is winging its way
As an immediate response
To your finite story
Live your "apology"
Forgiveness is yours
Animate gratitude with each step
I Love You

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