Sunday, 9 April 2017

From the Ashes

Epoch of renewal, rebirth, refresh, resurrection
Cross revealing potent transformational intersection
What is a tomb for the caterpillar
Becomes the incubator for the butterfly
It will take a death
Of all that was
In order to displace the stone
Previously concealing
The freedom, of life’s expansion
Grieve only in passing
As nothing has been lost
The familiar
Has been reconstituted
In harmony
With an inevitable seasonal rhythm
The previous container
Necessarily destroyed
To allow from the ashes
The rise of such magnificence
Revealing celebration enfolded in funeral’s guise
Infinite intelligence
Knows the answer
Before the problem is articulated
Light already held in the darkness
Waiting to be summoned
Once the problem is declared dead
Salvation (answer) is unveiled (birthed)

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