Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Is This Thing On?

On your mark
Get set...

Heard it in the playground
Ribbons for the "winner"

Those bent on the competition
"Somebody has got to lose!"
Prepares ya for "life"

More at stake now
Well yes 
It's still just a race
Trophies and medals
Where's your school "spirit?"

Keep running
Leave the competition behind
Could get ya a "free ride"
The best school
And a shot at representing 

Well yes
Grade percentiles
Keep running
Winners don't quit
Quitters don't win

A most impressive
Scholastic and Athletic path
Want that corner office
Keep running 

"Rat race" 
Only to those 
That are losing
They don't know how
To play the game

 In a class all your own
Saving whales and trees?
You're among the elite
Not one of those bleeding heart losers

Nobody has time for losers
You didn't get to the top
By stopping to listen
To those whiners
That fell by the wayside

Somebody has got to lose!!

In a final irony
Passage is ushered
From architectural and engineering marvels
Intended to connect and bridge
Distant view points
And the maw
Of a cavernous abyss
The river
Gaia's life blood
Involuntarily co-opted 
To grant a death wish 
Utterly contrary
To it's very nature
"Bleeding hearts" line the river bed
Nobody will listen
There's no time
The "race" to the swiftest

"Somebody has got to lose!"

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