Monday, 2 October 2017

Heart (attack)

Intriguing the volumes 
of those
That would hold 
It true
That evolution
Is an inner journey 
And that each be
By their own 
Yet from
These same lips
Are uttered
Such as: 
The ideal man is......
This is what it is
To be a women....

Inside of a breath
This heart-guided self-determination 
Is unceremoniously 

I know far less
What I might suppose
i know
About my own soul-journey 
How then could
I presume to know yours?
Have you ever
Stopped to consider
The pain inflicted
Through trespassing
Upon the heart 
of another?

Yes you
With your dogma
Do you suppose
It's esoteric
or less "traditional" 
Would be received
Or perceived 
As any less of an assault
To a heart that 
Didn't invite it?

Now you lay 
Yourself to sleep
The prayer 
That soothes you
Is yours to keep
If instead 
Upon another's heart
You beat
As you sow
You reap

R. O'Neill  (October 02, 2017)

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