Sunday, 8 October 2017

Essential Unity (Unity Essence)

What impact
Has the sum total
Of human attention 
Directed at separateness
On Eternity?

Can be isolated
Seen to stand alone
It's a synergistic 
That reveals 
the power of 

Maple leaf
Talisman for season's
Long before
Seconded to be
The emblem
For a particular
Nationalist branding

Would the same tree
When rooted 
Upon different soil
Be anything 
more or less
In essence?

How then 
Can the best
Of cultural stories
Ancestral wisdom
Be preserved
While it 
Is demonstrated
That of superficial detriment
Flies in the face
Of the higher good
And ignores
Essential commonality?

It is not exclusively
The land upon
Which life is spawned
And subsists
That establishes
It's glory
Homage, respect & wonder
More aptly
Directed at "Life"- itself
And a consideration
For the splendour
Of the diversity
of it's presentation

The divine perfection
Of this one 
Seemingly absent
Through the dormancy of winter
Appears in curled embryonic form
While air & earth
Begin to warm 
In Spring
Outstretched & far reaching
Shade & shelter
From the summer
Sun or showers
And finally
A stunning
Technicolour pageantry
Denoting Autumn

No "story"
Alters this divine
Cyclical presence
The maple
Does not
Consider itself differently 
Regardless of it's geography
And has no difficulty
In the forest 
With it's diverse neighbours

The sun 
And other elementals
Not for a moment
Any preferentially ....

R. O'Neill (October 08, 2017) 

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  1. That's bizarre in relation to a heart attack. Try giving mouth to mouth. That's real life and sometimes death. No flowery words can relate to the real thing . When someone pukes in your mouth in the back of an ambulance and ten minutes later they sit up and talk. Would you tell them?