Wednesday, 4 October 2017

You are the Mystery........

"Leave everything you know behind"
Would that be
Once.. twice... thrice?

Mindsets, belief systems
Relationships, address
City, Country
Temporarily .. permanently? 

Live the old life
In a new way
Begin a new?

What will ensure
That which was left behind
Isn't stalking ya?
Waiting to 
Reseed & resurrect itself 
In the new garden..

What of the old?
To be reconstituted 
And therefore
The matrix of the new??

All that is new
Not necessarily "improved.."
Tradition has blends
Of merit & obsolescence ..

For certain 
A new lens availed
A entirely unique mirror
Subsequent to
The release 
or suspension
Of all that is familiar
And then see 
What presents without it...  
Who are you?
Without all the former
Habitual trappings...

Much to be discovered
Beyond resignation 
And presumption
One may find
More than ever imagined
And realize 
Much that seemed 
Integral and necessary
Is no such thing.

An intriguing correlation
Between what's possible
and what's "unknown.."

R. O'Neill (October,  04, 2017)

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