Monday, 16 October 2017

Up for the Count..

Today marks an auspicious occasion for "In Through the Outdoor.."(this online blog)  it just broke 10,000 views. I want to thank all those that continue to follow me here; or the one guy that keeps coming back repeatedly, perhaps suffering chronic insomnia. I have no idea who it is that is reading; with the exception of the handful of people; that "like" directly, the posts on the Facebook page, where I put up links to the latest offerings.

Apparently I created this blog back in the Autumn of 2011; I say apparently, because I had to look to see when it was this began. At that time I was looked for a vehicle to expand my written expression and potential reach others. I knew virtually nothing about creating a blog... I don't actually know a great deal more today. I just keep doing it. I don't remember when it would have been that I discovered there is a mechanism within the blog platform to track how many visits have been logged. I found it accidentally, when I was randomly clicking on icons, trying to find my way to the account profile or something like that; and up popped this statistics window.. At the time I think it read something approaching 400 hits. I was absolutely flabbergasted! I had no idea.

I would have continued anyway, but admittedly it was satisfying to know I was reaching others. (or that one sleepless soul that was reaching for potential sedation).

As of earlier this year I have "self-published" my first book, which is only accurate in as much as it hasn't yet, been submitted to any publishing houses and has gone through "independent' channels. But having said that, yes I showed up and continued to write, rewrite etc. however I would submit, there have been a great many people connected to this "self" attained landmark. That, cannot go unacknowledged. Hard to say who's more uncomfortable when it comes to my expressing my appreciation; me or the people in my life that I just love to pieces. Smooth, suave and debonair, I will likely never attain .... but sincerity, I have a fighting chance at..

I'd have a very vague idea of how many books that have sold since it was first released. It's a clear reflection of my days in the classroom - I did particularly well in the language related classes and slept through the math. However, I suppose at some point, I might have to get a little more tuned in.

I don't care what numbers anyone else is posting - what these numbers represent to me is persistence. And a continuance to hone a craft. There is some element of personal victory I allow and acknowledge - every minute of everyday, it's not all that alluring to face a blank screen.

I envision writing overall as a spoke in a wheel; one that involves the creation of an avenue of service that I provide - to humanity. (I have no idea how widespread that might be). Consider, when my writing began, it didn't extend beyond my own hard drive - nobody saw it!! It has grown from there. I have gone from someone that didn't know what I was doing and had zero readership; to someone that still doesn't know what he's doing  - but actually has international readership. As an avenue of service I envision that being joyful service. I am done with the idea I need to suffer in order to serve. Hold onto that if you will.. I intend to represent service sans suffering. I'm not down with the whole martyr thing. For the love of God if it ever resurfaces within me - someone direct me to the nearest exorcist!

So now what? Well, it's a little bit like the "chop wood, carry water" analogy, with the glaring exception, I haven't reached enlightenment through this process. But I will keep right on - writing on! I have a book to attempt to elevate beyond obscurity. An order is on route to Victoria, at this very moment.

If you imagine armoured cars backing into my suit to unload the royalty cheques (I actually imagine the too - it delights me no end!!) however it's on the far-side of materializing, just at the minute. So it looks a little more like, a combination book promotion/fitness program; as I schlep a back pack full of books around and do a lot of talking...  As some of you know, the latter poses far less difficulty than the former. I stand to benefit anyway you look at it. No question this is a labour of love. Perhaps at some point the whole thing will become more sophisticated... that would probably mean a coach has stumbled into my midst. Ironic perhaps as I aspire to coach (and I will) - along the way, it will continue to be necessary that: Robert - Draper, Mason, O'Neill (all of you!!!!!) "coach ... coach thyself..

So 10,000 plus hits in, you can count on the same transparency and authenticity that is who I am. If you're looking for the 7 Steps to this.... or the 9 steps to that.....

You best google another blog... it takes me more than 7 + 9 = 16 steps to even get near my front door to leave for the day! (But it's the journey! don't ya know!!)

Insert Shameless self-promotion:

"What Goes Around Comes Around" - Rob O'Neill
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