Saturday, 14 October 2017

Simply Seeking Truth (The truth of seeking simple)

Not my first time considering simplifying and it's implications; probably won't be the last. I'm not going to present myself as a proponent of it - "across the board." But I will sing it's praises from my own life experience & continue to explore it for the "simple" reason - it is a theme that continues to draw me.. In that, regardless whether I find agreement elsewhere or not - it matters, to me.

Two very recent mirrors into this realm stem I suppose in contrast to my extended travel (which spanned 6 months) ... the turn-over of stuff I had while that was occurring; so that I had what I required within what I was prepared to carry and a meal I was served at the hotel I'm now staying at and the first visit I had to my apartment after getting back.

The meal was ridiculously proportioned .... I suppose it would be marketed as "good value.." I imagine that only considers volume of food for the dollar. Considering for the same dollar value you could buy considerably more groceries and if you can't eat all the food you are served, it is both a waste of food and money. The other thing is what is the "cost" to well-being etc. if one consumes that size portion daily (never mind 3 meals per day). Poking back that much food is not necessary for sustaining life and most certain will have longer term health implications.

I was put off by the meal as soon as it was placed in front of me..  "veggie scramble hash.." & a mountain of it. Of course despite the name implying some healthy composition - likely the whole thing was done up in a skillet and might well be served along with a defibrillator.. I actually felt my stomach turn when it presented.. I suppose that could be considered "guidance.." - was it? Not exactly!! I decided to eat some of it...  This is not an indictment of any particular nutritional practice. It would however be indicative of my body/being etc. informing me - there are going to be some changes my friend. And, if you don't care to pay heed to the more subtle cues and information provided, your colon could be twisted into a corporeal representation of a Celtic knot and perhaps that will get your attention. Okay .. Okay.. tomorrow I'll investigate the lighter fare!

Just to add a little piece de la resistance to the guidance ... a couple of racoons walked through the parking lot outside where I was eating. I looked up "Racoon medicine.." there were various aspects to consider .. the one most relevant in that moment was ... to consider a diet comprising more vegetables and fruits.." The guidance now being.... if the waves of nausea and twisted colon aren't compelling perhaps this reading will provide you with ample evidence to consider a different tac??? Of course you're free to choose..  A very haughty pack of guides I've got.......

The other window I mentioned, the visiting of my apartment, really to me, had a representation of "excess."  Both because I'd been 6 months with the contents contained in one suitcase, one day-pack and either a guitar, or returning (the guitar now left behind) the empty case filled with random items.

So to view an apartment which contained considerably more (though in itself it had undergone multiple purges) of my stuff and the belonging of the person that in my absence, was living there temporarily; I felt over-whelmed, estranged and I suppose I would say alerted to the fact that I have undergone some changes.. and that further change was coming.  It's not a vilification of stuff I'm addressing - though what I "require" is certainly up for reevaluation. I suppose one might consider more in the way of belongings when setting themselves up in a fixed place of residence versus traveling. But for me, simplification still comes into play. I really viscerally experience "less is more.." I don't know exactly what that might look like over time. Beyond a certain point the volume of stuff presents to me as rather suffocating..

Simplification as of this moment might well include:  having just lived a major series of actual & potential life changing events ... I don't need to force answers out of this immediately. So I can grant myself some mental, emotional and spiritual ease and grace & both direct some focused energy where  it is called for and allow some sifting, sorting, expanding, imagining, discovery space as well. A rather basic but potentially profound example if considered in a more widespread manner is: I'm sitting in a coffee shop that happens to have a movie rental shop as well. It occurred to me maybe I rent a movie? But then the idea asserts itself ... if there is a need for me to come back here tomorrow, just to return that movie then, over all; I'm not sure it's the best expenditure of my time and energy..

Oh I promise you I have wasted far more time on far less, at other places in time. However, this is now! Simplification might look like a redirection of my energy and attention. So I could be more powerful and effective with the realization of what I want and reduce the "complications" of various distractions that, consume my energy - feign productivity and while they yield "a result;" it might well be nothing to do, with that which I say, "I want to create.."

I cut through one of the malls today after using the ATM at the credit union, to go out back of the lower level to catch the bus. In one short stretch of the mall there are three different cell phone shops! It's too much.. I have a cell phone.. I could quite easily keep right on using it. I don't use nor am I familiar with all the features this phone has - it doesn't really interest me what the latest generation does. If the phone continued to function, I would continue to use it. Of course that's the catch, it is engineered not to continue to function. I'm old enough that I remember, well in fact, I recall "party-lines" but that is not my point. What I was referencing was, that at one time, if someone rang you and you weren't home, then they had to call again. Nor even voicemail. Now with the advent of mobile phones, messaging etc. the expectation has become that one is reachable anytime. I don't buy it! On some occasions, I just leave the phone at home. It's a tool/device, I'm not about to become a slave to it. So if it's important enough to have called, I presume there would be a call back or a message left & I'll return the call when it works for me. I'm not on-call 24/7 (not even to the employers for whom I worked "on call.."

It really amounts to for me, honouring and respecting my energy, my time, my needs. That might occur to be a whole lot of me! Well first of all, if you assess that through the lens of some old-school mainstream religions, then any amount of self-love would seem "self-indulgent.." The truth though, is if I don't make a priority of preserving my energy, respecting my time and getting my needs met - nobody else is going to do it for me. It's the "oxygen mask" parable ... without my own mask secured first I'm nothing more, than another casualty in the aisle. If one hangs themselves out to dry running around looking after everyone else's needs - it can be rather self-defeating to say the least. If done for the ongoing accolades of others it will lead to self-depletion. Equally true, if the underlying impetus is an unconsciousness want to avoid self or even some forms of self-sabotage; it then, certainly serves no 'higher good."

Simplifying ... is actually rather simple! Which is not to say that it is always easy. Somewhere along the line of humanity's trajectory "busy" has been elevated to reverential status. "Are ya keeping busy??" .... "oh... ah.. well things will pick up ..!!" What is the cost of all this busyness? Cost to relationships of all forms, to values, to health & wellness - to hopes and dreams and to the fabric of countless souls?

I was skimming through a newspaper in the hotel dining room while having breakfast.  Which brings me back to the absurdity of restaurant meals. In response to the gargantuan portions served previous; I envisioned "simplifying my order.." - cereal, eggs, toast (for the love of God $5.00 for a bowl of cereal,  eggs x2 @ $2.50/egg and more than a whole loaf of bread costs for 2 slices of toast - though the portion size was perfect, the collective cost more than one of the meals, because it was a la carte. The "carte" of reasonableness, has been completely hijacked in my estimation.

Anyway back to the newspaper. Here's another glowing example within an example. I wouldn't "normally" purchase a newspaper as largely I consider it all to be shite. But because it was "free" at the reception desk I scooped one. So what does this "free" newspaper then cost me? Well I suppose that depends on what you value peace of mind at.

Suffice to say the content is no less shite whether you pay for the paper or get it free. One local story might be relevant to my theme here. Apparently "Sears" is closing their local outlet here.  A face on the local retail scene for over 30 years so it was written. I have empathy for the employees while they navigate the initial shock and redirect their lives. On the other hand, large retail outlets seem to appear and disappear around here with increasing frequency, this one may represent a longevity that is no longer sustainable. Maybe this points to a move toward a less consumer glorified consciousness - are more people asking of themselves, what is "enough?"

The article went on to say the "liquidation sales" will commence in less than a week's time and run through the "holiday season.."

I believe I would be do well to remember some of my own illustration here... a binge of consumption regardless of the "savings" can lead to suffering on any & all levels of ones being.

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