Saturday, 20 January 2018

Shadow Journey

An electrify foreboding 
Fills the air
Feelings not misplaced
The desolate path
Which now
Threatening to inhabit
My entire consciousness

Labyrinthine cobblestones
Weave their way
Into the shadows
The serpentine coils 
Leave the destination concealed
Myst dripping with fear
Silhouettes of doubt
Upon an assured arrival

Illusory guides 
Offering sanctity & oasis
Are revealed
To confound, distract and ensnare
In webs spun of self-interest & deception

One traverses 
Valleys of pain
While facing consumption
In rivers of tears
Stark isolation 
Must be 
Stared down
Until the truth
is wrung
From its tendrils

You may meet those
That will
Walk a segment with you
No one can
Walk it for you
Nor do they know
Where you are going!

How then 
To build trust
With little known materials?
In an invisible benefactor?
Fashion fortitude
From the 
Very clay of your origins?

Lies an infinite unknown
The intimacy
Of a familiar hell

Welcome to the heart
Dares not to share 
With you!

R. O'Neill (January 20, 2018)

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