Thursday, 4 January 2018

Something of Duality (or nothing at all)

Here it is then
I'm writing something
Before I end up 
Writing Nothing at all...

Which doesn't mean
What is written
Though Something
May amount 
To Nothing

Even taking into consideration 
I am taking this on
At the moment 
With my "non-dominant" hand
Won't ensure the contents
Are Something of significance

So then Something 
Could still be 
Considered Nothing
& better than Nothing

As well as 
Something to speak of
Nothing of the sort

Could be that
Something is up
While just as easily
It's discovered
Nothing's doing

But Something 
Has got to be done
Nothing changes 
Nothing changes

Nothing from nothing
Leaves Nothing
Isn't that

You got Nothing 
Out of this
You say? 

Isn't that
Awareness of clarity

It's just part of
I have taken on.

It guarantees Nothing
Perhaps that is
Exactly what it delivered!

Unless of course
There was Something
After all.

In which case
No need to thank me
Think Nothing of it
It was Nothing at all...

R. O'Neill (January 4, 2018)

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  1. You make me smile with this prose :) Love it! Thank you :) ~Lady Nenari xxxx