Sunday, 7 January 2018

More Questions - Less Answers

Whether through grace or good fortune; happenstance, coincidence, fate, destiny, luck of the draw, lady luck, luck of the Irish, dumb luck, beginner's luck or no such luck:

I'm still here!

I wonder if those for whom life is by many accounts cut short; pass over, knowing what life is about?

I suppose I ponder that as a direct result of having numerous opportunities to travel around the sun and even still - I don't have all the answers! If anything I have more questions.

I believe that the coaching/guiding direction I am currently taking my life's work will be facilitated by my ability to teach others; to ask a better question.

Then it's up to them to answer it, perhaps with another question - and so it goes. "Stuck" you say, I won't tell you why, I'll coax it out of you. I simply don't have all the answers - for you or for me.  You do have all your own answers.

Let's face it, I might more appropriately be associated with the "Fool on the Hill" than be able to deliver a "Sermon on the Mount."

My ability to serve as a coach/guide/mentor doesn't negate my continued need to subject myself to ongoing questioning conjured through the wielding of the Sword of Truth.

I stumbled up that feck'n thing quite sometime ago; much the same way those characters in the cartoons discover the rake hidden in the overgrown grass - "right between the eyes!'

I suppose you could say I've been serving an apprenticeship with it ever since. I don't claim mastery -but I assure and guarantee an ongoing refinement that is second to precious few. For the romanticists in the world, you can forget about being a "truth-seeker" & not have the sword insist on being directed at you, if you would presume to carry it..

So as is frequently the case after I have engaged in some genuine soul-searching & authentic sharing with others (which incidentally I consider a form of prayer); it most certainly spawns further prayer to follow - an answer was provided to me; where I wasn't even looking for it.

I grabbed an "Active Living Guide" - course calendar for the New Year from the Recreation Centre I had been working out at.

In bold lettering on the cover it proclaims:

"I belong here, learning skills"

Thank God for that!

Even if just for today I gratefully receive that answer!

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