Sunday, 28 January 2018

Live Long and Prosper

Today was a day fully dedicated to, not just reverence expressed at the temple, but tuning in and allowing the temple; to define and guide just how that reverence would look, moment to moment as the day unfolded.

The temple I refer to (if you haven't already guessed) is that of my body, and the various levels of my being, housed in and through it.

It is said that Jesus took rather serious, the desecration of the temple. Whether an account of an actual event, or a most effective metaphor; one's own self, is a temple, that is well worth respecting. Now without question, my "temple" in particular, could have quite accurately be deemed, "the temple of doom.."

I don't disclose this to dwell in the past, seek sympathy or bolster a victim consciousness.  For clarity's sake, I share that I know what it is to inhabit a body, that has suffered the rigours of abuse and neglect.

To begin with, I identified that I needed to get back to various intentions, commitments that come in the forms, of a wide variety of heart's desires.

In itself to realign with these things is a brazen act of self-love. I realized that over the course of a number of days, I had made various other people/places/things a priority. Now having said that, the connections, the value added, heart and soul nourishment, of these various undertakings was grand. Just the same,  if they come at the cost of my particular form of worship (as laid out in accordance to my inner compass) - the at first subtle deficit, can become its own form of suffering, if left unchecked and ignored.

I had wanted to attend the "Health Show" held in town this weekend.  I had originally had thought I would go on the Saturday.... I chose to do otherwise, and fortunately that still left an additional day to attend.

I am most certainly passionately interested and have endless curiosity around, the realm of health/wellness. So on the one hand, to have so many different vendors represented under one roof is a bit like Disneyland to me. Conversely if I allow it, the barrage of people trying to convince me their product is the nectar of the Gods, can become tiresome.

I decided to hold firmly the energy of curiosity and an intention to learn what I could; and just bless those and their products I had no interest in.

I might add, I would be remiss if I didn't mention part of the attraction is to attain a mid-day meal comprised of the wide assortment of nutritional foods and products, and score free samples and of course, feed my pen obsession (an additional 6 were brought into the fold).

So in this particular arena (and as it happens the event was held, at an arena) the honouring of my temple didn't stop at attending a event that holds themes that interest me. It is also necessary that I navigate within the aisles being guided as I go. Without a firm stand at the helm and my hand on the rudder .. their were no shortage of people, that would be only too happy, to steer the ship for me.

One example of this would have been the two sales reps that gushed with enthusiasm to have me enter a draw to win this "fabulous bowl.." (my thoughts as they proceeded were: "oh ya, what a bowl! - It's a veritable "holy grail...") - my awareness, is the "draws" (while they do yield some "prize" to someone) are really just to get your contact info for further marketing.... I politely declined, fairly confident I can live without their magnificent bowl, or future solicitation.

I found a cd of guided meditations and a dvd that contains what is described as a gentle combination of breathing, yoga and meditations ,,, now these are in alignment with what the temple requires at this time.. Just as Francis received guidance of God's temple being in disrepair ... so it is with elements of my temple.

Earlier this day I had been in a message conversation, with someone hosting an event that was comprised of yoga/qi gong/soud healing.  All beautiful pursuits - but all such offerings are not created equally. One cannot assume that participation in any such event, necessarily honours their particular temple and what it requires in the here and now.. Program design, that is too advanced in terms of forms, duration and intensity, can be more traumatizing than beneficial. It's not necessarily the intention of the facilitators ... but nevertheless, I am responsible to see to it, that the temple isn't further traumatized. The temple will quite readily convey it's needs. I am only now, once again, being brought the awareness of various forms of early life trauma (which has at least been, repressed and stored in my body) and am acutely aware of the ongoing role I must play, in seeing these traumas receive the loving attention they need.

Nobody....... NO BODY (but yourself), can determine what your temple needs in response to it's call for resurrection and restoration. It doesn't matter for example, if some emphatically describes their class as a gentle hour of relaxation; if, what is being offered there, you don't have the capacity to do for more than 15-20 min. It means their self-defined gentleness, is excessive by 40 minutes!! It is not a sacred practice, if elements such as ("getting your money's worth), group mind - as it can influence self-determination, are allowed to define the trajectory, of the participation, rather than one's direct inner guidance.

While at the show I was drawn to connect with a practitioner of Shiatsu/accu-pressure - the conversation we had and the treatment I received there, were pure gold - there & then. Maybe another day I would have passed it by.... maybe I see here in the future for further sessions, maybe not..

I have been reading a book (over the last week or so) that specifically focuses on male related physiology and the hormonal changes of aging and the cascading effect that can have.  I purchased the book and didn't the same store's booth, now have the book (for the show) as a free give away..

I wrestled briefly with my having "bought the book" and now it's free - my guidance was, I am already benefiting from some of the ideas I had implemented prior to getting the book, that are also actually in the book. I fully expect to receive further direct benefit from the book as I get to the section that outlines the different strategies. I am grateful for this information and wish to play a part in seeing to it, that someone else receives these teachings. So with that in mind, I put a "free copy" of the book in my "trade-show" goodie bag & I will gift it to someone, that can benefit from it's contents..

The temple is a wondrous, miraculous collective that I am so grateful for. I am pleased that I have lived long enough, and am now receiving additional input, as to how to more deeply listen to it, care for and maintain it's optimal function, expand in awareness to it's various potentials and just generally enjoy it's many graces.

Praise be to the Creator for the splendour of the temple rendered...

Long may it stand for and remain in, service..

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