Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Step by Step

The continued journey with Desiderata yields the following line:

"Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans."

Perhaps said another way, learn to enjoy the journey not just the destinations. I don't even know where the inclination to do the opposite came from.  Maybe through school, where "completions" & of course those that met a particular criteria, were the only thing that yielded a reward. Nobody ever suggested to me that I enjoy the process - learn to find satisfaction along the way. The mindset I formed was "I'll be happy when this is over."

As I now consider it, given how much time most anything is a "work in progress" - if I were only happy when it finished, that wouldn't leave much time for being happy.

How often have you been "counselled" regarding a trip your planning, or heard after you returned; "oh you must see such and such," "what you went all the way there and you didn't see ... blah, blah, blah... respectively. As though nothing else existed but these specific places, nothing of beauty along the way, no side roads, hidden coves, enchanted forests..... what a way to live!!

It is my opinion that all "small steps" toward any achievement should be enjoyed..... each combines to yield the "destination.." The accumulative momentum of the small victories (points of interest) will make achieving the destination, that much sweeter.

Certainly enjoy your plans. You've come up with them because they appeal to some part of you. It's very personal and you need no other justification than to honour that in yourself. You may get little or no fanfare from people you speak to regarding your plan. Aside from a known trusted confidant, you might want to consider, not even letting others in on your sacred plan. Chances are many won't have the same enthusiasm for your plan you do - which is fine, they don't need to share your vision. But you don't need anyone raining on your parade either.

Go ahead pull out all the stops, and celebrate yourself.

R.O'Neill (June 20, 2018)

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