Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Love of Life.. Life of Love

I just spent a mesmerizing hour in the chair at the dentist! This twenty-first century miracle, I attribute largely to science, which presented in the form of local freezing and the development of a "high-definition" monitor and a cable service that provided the examination room with the "Love Nature" channel.

I'm not keen on that whole metallic picks and claws routine - so the freezing was availed through my self-loving reminder/request. Good thing I spoke up, as when I mentioned it, the response was - "oh did we freeze last time..?" Having worked in health care for years, I know darn well, that would have been charted as part of my permanent record (or she was negligent in omitting this)... The truth of the matter I found out as the session ensued, was she was running late (so to fill in the blanks) she had hoped to forgo the administration of the freezing to save time.. First of all, the schedule issues, are not my problem and I'm not about to compromise my comfort to accommodate. I was there on time (in fact, I was early) - I'm simply not into any unnecessary suffering. If push came to shove, I would have left and rebooked if need be.

I will admit there is room for improvement in my "flossing regime.." consequently no surprise I'm on the receiving end of the "oral hygiene" lecture. The localized "tenderness" is attributed to my neglect; with the medieval implements the hygienist wields, entirely let of the hook (pun intended). Again my health and wellness background informs me oral hygiene is a significant consideration. Consequently my awareness of the hygienist "need to be right" - which I gave the "water of a duck's back treatment, combined with her having already provided me with the headphones; largely neutralize her monologue.

The nature channel was amazing. The documentary was already playing, so I didn't catch exactly the location. It was however, somewhere in the rainforest region of South America. Despite the staggering number of different species featured in the segment that I saw; the narrator indicated that a far larger percentage of this region remained unexplored. This of course means, there are potentially, innumerable life forms, that have never yet been observed before!!

The videography was absolutely stunning. Not only was the quality impeccable, it is amazing to me to conceive; how long someone might have to wait, to get themselves in the right place, at the right time, to capture nature in action. In this case, everything from life the size of calving humpback whales, to creatures as small as this particular millipede and a very specific bee; that pollinates one variety, of the thousands of species of orchids found there. This millipede grows over a couple hundred different types of plant life on it's back! Not only does this provide this creature with camouflage which aids in its longevity; but it also transports this plant life to various locations in the jungle where it is transplanted.

The symbiosis and harmony of all the various life forms living in this region for me further affirms the "intelligence" that orchestrates the "web of life." It is simply a masterpiece of unequalled beauty and interdependence.  I cannot fathom, that those that are involved in concerns; that destroy and compromise regions of the planet like this, can knowingly carry-out this continued desecration, all the while, remaining in denial of their negative impact. I suppose it is a testimonial to the blinding power of greed and profit based ignorance.

I suppose as I continue on what I deem to be a journey of the heart for myself; the interconnectedness mentioned here, is brought further home within myself. An increased awareness and practice of self-love and compassion expands my capacity to be aware of how my beliefs, behaviour, habits etc. impact my wellness and can be extended beyond the illusory boundaries of my being, to all those that cross my path and the world as a whole. I can continue to increase my awareness of actions (or in-action) and consequences. I can further realize that my presence in the world does not occur in "isolation" or operate in a vacuum (whether that presence be positive or negative).

The hygienist upon completing my session (at the same time "Love Nature" concluded) informs me my new "BFF" is floss. I'm only marginally conversant in these acronyms, but I believe that is "best friend forever.. (I first went with Best Friend Floss)

I get her point... An adaptation, that continues to hold myself (and Spirit) through me, as the true representation of BFF... will actually incorporate her flossing perspective (as part of an overall reverence for life - my life) microcosmically speaking; and which can be infinitely expanded, to a celebration and service to, all that life encompasses.

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