Wednesday, 15 March 2017

One Night in Dublin

How then without the aid
Of even a compass
Let alone GPS
Orbiting satellites
Or Google maps
Will seemingly
Disparate "individuals"
Find themselves

Behold the cosmic ruse
An event
Fixed upon
An illusory
Measure of "Time"
Each "intent"
To hear
The orator muse

His offering
A soul expressed
The travellers sit
In awe
For they have heard
Their own soul's voice
Echoing across the room

Souls then
Across time and space
Never was it chance
That they met
Delightful company
Takes a back seat
To preordained imperative

Each then
Has come
To know itself
Through a sacred bond
To elevate itself
Through reunion

Afterwards coffee and tea will be served in the mezzanine.

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