Monday, 27 March 2017

Ode to a Green Man

Renewal cradled 
In spore, seed, acorn and reed
Held fast in ancient forests
By a sacred unspoken creed

You oversee and coax 
From roots deep in the earth
Your face appears then visible
Upon limbs and foliage of rebirth

Shrouded in antiquity
And camouflaged mystique
Lore and song, depiction
Across varied cultures each unique

Your timeless wisdom revered 
Spring green echoes - words you spoke
Rivers and streams carry your life's blood
Feeding glen upon glen - of hallowed oak

Dances in your honour 
Held as prolonged light - extends the day
Effigy carved of wood and stone
Though your return - programmed, in the clay

Unconditionally loving consciousness
Nature knows no other way
Many masters, sages, teachers
Aligned with your "green" way

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