Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Or.... Ya Could Have Been a Worm!!

My morning walk which included the weather phenomenon of blowing drizzle; which in itself was food for thought. One must decide as to the usefulness of an umbrella at that point, given the shelter normally afford under the canopy; is marginalized by rain, that is no longer falling straight down. The other variant is; due to gusting winds, one can find themselves being pummelled, by their own umbrella.

As I'm walking along the sidewalk I observe another frequent, rainy day, natural occurrence;" the sidewalks are littered with earth worms. I do my best not to step on any as I go, even though I know; particularly this time of year, when it can be pelting down rain one minute and then it stops. Maybe the sun comes out, or maybe just a clearing wind. Either way, it's the same outcome for the worms!! Where ever it was they felt compelled to go; they will never arrive, as there many of them remain, dehydrated on the pavement.

I suppose at this point this might be framed as a mystery of nature/perspective shifting piece. As in, when you've got to thinking "your life sucks.." consider the earth worm!!!

Clearly I have! This is not the first rain induced mass annihilation of worms I have witnessed or pondered. Just the first time I've chosen to write about it.  I walk any sidewalk anywhere, unencumbered by "stepping on cracks" first of all, I have no living mother - so neither of them, or rather their backs, are in any further jeopardy. However, I make a concerted effort to avoid shmoosing other living beings on their commute.

Does it matter, when they are just going to get sautéed on the pavement? I suppose it does. Some make it. I have no idea to where; however the post-rain, apocalyptic, worm carnage, suggests that all the worms that were gallantly sprinting across the concrete didn't get fricasseed.. Just the same, I don't know which ones will make, it which ones won't. Who am I then, to arbitrarily cut any particular life short - particularly given, these gallant worms had to be going somewhere with some sort of urgency. Other wise, why wouldn't they just stay underground ... in the earth... with the other earth worms .... in their worm communities..

Is this some form of earth worm mass-suicide? What purpose does it serve? I don't think the birds eat them once they are worm jerky on the sidewalk. No indeed, I've watched the avian worm safari - they fancy the big fat, wet juicy ones ... pulling 'em straight up out of the earth. Apparently they can hear them crawling beneath the surface. Can you imagine that? Think of that next time ... you get to thinking the animal kingdom has no intelligence. Go ahead try it... put your ear to the ground and let me know how many worms you heard cruising by. I've tried it ... couldn't hear squat!! Well that's not entirely true... I did hear the same sound I hear when someone gives me a shell and says, "listen you can hear the sea.." Of course now that puts that whole experience into question... What was I hearing then? But I do digress, one mystery at a time. I wasn't actually listening for worms with my ear to the ground... I was trying to get some perspective on whether one could actually track things through the vibration resonating. I have to say the results were non-conclusive, however I can say, I most certainly didn't hear any earth worms. So then, once again, the robins with the discerning palate, seem to prefer their meal fresh from the ground and still alive.

On occasion I have picked up some of these intrepid worms and put them back on the grass or nearby garden. Truly, I couldn't say if that was any less interfering than pulverizing it on the path. I don't know their intention, destination or purpose. Could be saying to it's mates back at the colony... ya it took me the better part of the night to get over to the sidewalk, and then this big bald git, picks me up and puts me back further than where I started from!!! Seriously, what life drama could one have, that has the apparently purposelessness and dismal outcome, as that of the worm?

In answer to any consideration that I have too much time on my hands; while that might be true on some occasions, this particular observation/query of mine; is actually representative of a curiosity that doesn't relent .. just because I'm "busy.." If anything the "busyness," is apt to be the catalyst to further curiosity..

The next time you hear someone (or yourself) lamenting about the rainfall... consider, in all likelihood you/they will make it home. You won't end up squashed and dehydrated on the city sidewalks - which doesn't guarantee you another sunrise, but it might diminish the tragedy you are composing regarding the rain fuelled armageddon.

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