Sunday, 19 March 2017

Winds of Change

Lean in and listen intently
The song you may hear
Hailing from the star kissed heavens
Carries the lilt and resonance
Of the winds of change

Commencing from one horizon
It's outstretched fingers
seek a hand-hold
Across an infinite stage
Each moment demonstrates the entirety of its intention

You may be tempted to shield against the advance
Instead, consider a fully naked embrace
Defences may well clamber for dominance
Offering the familiar ruse of comfort and protection
Shields most formidable, have sullied many a potential miracle

Surely to present vulnerable is to court spiritual evisceration
Perhaps change itself, invites an alternative perspective
Nothing has asked you to shirk your intuition
However what of the possibility of conditioned response?
Do you believe you merit learning to discern the difference?

Just as the sun shine equally on everyone
So it is with the unprejudiced inclusion of change
Therefore energy spent on attempted evasion
Might be better spent on fashioning a suitable welcome
Extended to fear erected resistance - asking that it soften toward trust

Change can be grand, sudden and complete
Other times, the stroke of subtlety
Delicate enough that it might
Nearly escape detection
Witnessed result will be its own assertion that it occurred

Is this change a presumptuous tyrant
Boldly intruding - "uninvited"
I suggest - indeed no
How many times have you:
Wished for
Begged for
Pleaded for
Screamed for
Prayed for

And you thought nobody was listening...........

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