Sunday, 24 December 2017

A Day that Anticipates Tomorrow

What is it to "place God first?

As in: 1) God
           2) Self
           3) Others

What might that look like - though a linear list, I suggest that it's observance is embraced in a more simultaneous manner. The "order" of priority still intact - it might even be, that the focus is broken down and applied to each of its components; particularly if any one or combination thereof, has been neglected. It then might take some continued attention on it's elements; in order for the whole to be addressed, and the practice develops, habituated focus.

But like so many aspects of life it's not an either/or proposition. Not something to judge oneself or assess on some "pass/fail" gradient.. Each is part of the whole, which suffers, if any of it's integral composition is ignored.

Can't get it wrong or incomplete, as one is always in relation to all of it. It's just then becomes a question of whether the current approach is satisfactory & what, where, & when - needs tweaking.

Enough about that... Holidays/Holy-days: what, is to be, in order to make them meaningful? Well certainly, they might be expanded in consciousness,to include the sanctity of everyday. In doing so more space is considered throughout the year; for reverence and celebration, and what is going on in life and the year as a whole - would not be diminished, by a handful of days, being giving an inordinate amount, of attention and expectations.

Life trajectory & values, visions, inspired action - don't take holidays. I'm not then implying there is no respite, reflective interval or restoration; that frenzied pursuit be utilized, to avoid the frenzied pursuit, of the holidays. Rather I submit, holy-days - wholeness, all day, every day might be considered to continue to include your visions, goals, projects, dreams, aspirations; as a statement of celebration. It would encompass holding sacred, your heart and soul, in the midst of the holiday season.

To abandon your "work"/purpose, that which your soul calls into being (for the highest good of more than just you) to a season of excess; is counter-productive if celebration and reverence, is to be observed.

Consider that celebration,   could be seen as;  uplifting, honouring, inspiring, invigorating,  (not challenge-free) and continues in alignment with your heart and soul.

If instead, the consequences are exhaustion, financial/emotional indebtedness & depression; where is the love in that?

A celebration that honours life, the divine, creation, connection, humanity should lead to further enthusiasm and zeal ...... not result in the another cycle of, or a deepening of suffering..

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  1. I could not agree more! Beautiful shared and I honour you. Thank you and Merry Christmas beautiful heart ~Lady Nenari xxxx