Saturday, 9 December 2017

Love What I Do & I Do it With Love!

Yesterday marked a return to busking. Not the first time since returning from my trip, but it had been a while. There had been a spate of poor weather, combined with my focus being more directed to my book, which meant I hadn't been out for awhile. The arrival of some clear, albeit cool days, along with some bright sky and sunshine, provided decent conditions. The fact I only have until the end of December remaining on this current "busking license;" also encouraged me, to "strike while the iron was hot." The other thing was, I had been doing quite a few shifts in the care facility (which doesn't exactly represent my dream work) so I wanted to get back out there and ensure I was spending a proportionately balanced time, doing the things I love to do.

Before getting into town, I had the opportunity to work some Christmas magic with a copy of my book. I won't elaborate at this time. Just in case, the individual involved should read this. Suffice to say it was gratifying, to be in the position to be able to do something of this nature.

I got into town to one of the spots I have frequently performed at in the past, and found it open. There's not nearly the volume of people busking this time of year, so the vying for particular spots is lessened.

It was wonderful to be out making some music again. Clear, crisp, sunny day, accenting the blessing of my circumstances. Recall if you will, that though of course I can find ways to spend this busking income... it's not entirely necessary at this place in time.

The highlight of this particular set, was a gentlemen presenting from a walk-way down the side of the store; and he just came right on over, and joined me in the cover of "Country Roads" I was playing. It's so much fun when something like that spontaneously happens. When we completed the song we shook hands and introduced ourselves. I thanked him for joining in. He was thrilled to participate, he said, "I heard the you singing that song as I was approaching and I just decided to jump right in.... I never do anything like that!! (never, really - well that is, until Now!!)

"I'm so glad you did then!" Congratulations and welcome! Turns out he plays piano around town and get this .... he says, "Yes I've been in Canada for about 15 years now.."

When I asked him where he had come from ...  he replied, "West Virginia..." really I replied, you don't say! (that would be the West Virginia, of the song we were just singing!!" As in, "Almost heaven, West Virginia, Blue ridge mountains, Shenandoah river......"

Seriously, what are the odds that just when I'm singing that song, a guy from West Virginia happens along (in downtown Victoria).

Once I completed that set. I wandered over to a neighbouring department store to use their facilities and get a snack.
Out front of the store was a fellow I know from town. When he's around and the weather permits, that is "his spot" for selling the local "street news magazine" - "Megaphone." He informed me he had a copy of the latest edition for me and being year end, the calendars were available. I arranged with him to complete our transaction once I was in & out of the store.

He was particularly excited to have me get my copy of the magazine. But he never let on why. Once he hadn't me my copy it became apparent. Whose mug was on the cover, wearing a "Santa" hat but himself!! He was also one of the "featured" vendors in the December issue. Good on him! He gets around on an electric four-wheeled scooter. Many of the vendors are either supplementing "income assistance" or a disability pension. We always have some laughs when ever we cross paths. We solve a few local issues, slag a few politicians; more often than not, another one or two of the neighbourhood "rounders" joins in, and everyone goes away uplifted.

I always buy a copy of the magazine off him (well truth be told sometimes, I will also buy one from other vendors and then give the copy away somewhere). I also grabbed a copy of the 2018 calendar. It's entitled "Hope in the Shadows" A theme and journey I'm all to familiar with. The calendar features different individuals from the street community in both Downtown Vancouver & Victoria. So far this morning my income from busking $18.00, merchandise from my vendor friend, $23.00. That's just how I roll. This matter of soul-income/economics, may not always reconcile on the spreadsheet ... but it always works out in the wash.

The next stop was the public library where I was to complete the submission of my book for consideration in their "Emerging Local Authors" section. If approved my book will be on display and available for checking out for an entire year. How amazing is that? To have a book completed and beginning to enjoy some circulation, and to potentially have it be available in the library. It represent the unfolding of a multitude of miracles in my life - even to be in the position to be a candidate.

The next busking set was to be in front of one of the local liquor stores in another part of town. I got off the bus and good fortune was still flowing my way - nobody was performing there. I was both physically warmed up again, & my voice and playing were well grooved now from the previous set. This set yielded twice the take in a little under half the time. I was given $5.00 gratuities from three different people. One a gentlemen stopped and asked me if I was "Dave" ........ No I was not I replied. After establishing who Dave was (& that I still wasn't him) he says, "well, I had this out to give him from the Lord and well, now it might just as well go to you... (the 2nd  $5.00 bill)  Thank you ... good sir .. thank you Jesus!!

Another women came by and stopped and waited until I was finished the current song and then asked;
"Where do you play?"
I smiled and looked her in the eye, and said, "well, at the moment I play right here!!" "No, no she says, when you're not here, where do you play?" I replied, pretty much anywhere I choose to.." This still was not the answer she was looking for. "No the coffee house or night spots you perform at..."
"Ah, got ya, I've never actually auditioned for anything like that.." "I've been the featured solo music at a number of spiritual community gatherings.....  "What about choirs, are you in a choir?"

"I have been in a couple different choirs, but nothing currently."

"Oh but you have such a beautiful voice, what are you doing out here in the cold?"

"Thank you for your generous attention, I'll have to give it more thought I guess."

"Oh yes, please do, for now I'd like you to have this!" (the 3rd $5.00 bill)

The money is fun, for sure. It does vary. What is consistent and a significant part of my joy of busking (beside just loving to sing) is the immediacy of the people. So many interesting people and fun connections, joy and laughter. I both don't know that my "talent" is polished enough to take it off the streets and the indoor venues, I'm not sure would offer that proximity to the people passing by.

Last stop before catching a couple buses back to my neighbourhood ... "Superior Pizza" (which does indeed live up to it's name).

"One slice of heaven to go please!!"


  1. Whilst I can say that I have yet to physically hear your voice or singing voice for that matter, I can say that soulfully, energetically, part of your calling is to bring your music to being that leader/mentor you are and that your voice is perfect as it is for that. Be free from selling yourself short, music comes from the soul and from the heart and whence you are playing in the 432/528Hz frequency (and other related frequencies) of Love, magic happens. Your voice is most perfect for that and that is what matters is doing what you are doing, out and about as you are on indoors at spiritual gigs and taverns etc. Touching hearts and moving souls, that you are good at and that is the leader you are. Good on you. Keep writing spiritual music, keep playing, keep singing. The earth needs more soulful musicians and writers opening hearts and giving the gift of Love through music! I honour you for making it be about that and from that the abundance flows in all ways. Keep shining! You are amasing! ~Lady Nenari, Princess of the Sea