Thursday, 7 December 2017

Don't Seek God ... Find Yourself....

How far beyond alone
Lies the warm embrace
Of a soul echoed

Though an oasis
A weary traveller
Is not to 
Take up residence there

A respite
To gird one's spirit
And then venture on

To then
Find & Serve
A Higher purpose
Humanity waits..

How many fruitless
Seeking finite treasures
To soothe
Timeless longing

How many hearts
Lie dashed
Upon the rocks
Of anguish

Having been seen
As the Source
Rather than
The vessel

Called upon
To serve
With an omnipotence
Never intended of them

A doorway
To an all consuming
Love and peace divine

The Alpha & the Omega
An all purpose salve 
For any & all 
Perceived short-coming 

A relationship 
So deeply intimate
It exists between 

It beats a heart
While attending 
Sorrows & sadness
Glorious multi-tasking

Diffuses rage
While clarifying
Was never required

The love of it
Can be shared endlessly
And though it is never absent
It cannot be kept

Renounce then
False Gods
Power plays

Open & ask
 Discover & become upheld
 Recipient & messenger
Of an everlasting Love

R. O'Neill (December 07, 2017)

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  1. Whence one sits alone within the silence, the truest of Source/God/Love is then revealed, a beautiful union with Source and within. Beautifully shared dearest Rob. I honour you. Thank you ~xxxx