Friday, 15 December 2017

Heart to Heart

My Creator
Vast and awe-inspiring
Is your reach
I am breathless
Whilst attempting
To conceive 
The infinite
Scope of your reign
And design

It is with arms agape
And bended knee
That I approach 
Asking that you 
Further open 
The eyes of my Heart

Your love and compassion
Though limitless
Let it be
My responsibility
 To expand
 Your love 
Here on earth

Guide me
To deliver your comfort
Where I find the lonely
Let me be peace 
In the midst of turmoil
Help me
To deepen my
Empathy and compassion
For those 
That know only condemnation 
And Judgement

I ask to shine
Your light
Of strength & hope
There is isolation

The gift
Of your Presence
Banishes all lack
Let me give
From your cup 

A life 
Glorifying You
I want for nothing 
Am the recipient
Of your endless

Glory be
To You
Great Spirit..

So it is ..

R. O'Neill (December 15, 2017)

1 comment:

  1. This touches my heart and soul deeply in such Love. It is who I Am, my life as I can certainly feel the vibration through your words that it is yours as well. What a blessing this is and you are. Thank you for capturing the essence of my heart, soul, and very being. Beyond words that can express in this moment, thank you....In Pure Love ~Lady Nenari, Princess of the Sea xxxx