Thursday, 5 July 2018

Beauty Abounds

The next observations noted in the Desiderata is:

"With all its sham, drudgery, & broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world."

Pathologies such as "clinical depression" or deep-seated anxiety for example, aside; for in order to attain liberty from these states, it may take complex intervention; todays segment of the Desiderata would seem to contain elements, of how one chooses, to see the world.

Is the glass half full or half empty. (or, at least you have some water to drink!)

Without a doubt, if you dwell on the dark and negative, there are no shortage of such, occurring in our world - placing your attention there, if it doesn't attract those situations to you, at least will skew your perspective accordingly.

By all means process and grieve the disappointments, the losses, the broken dreams. It doesn't mean you can't create new dreams. Beware of the shams, but don't abandon trust and push away those with honourable intention and good hearts. More importantly, don't renounce your own good heart!

That which has gotten old and stale, where possible, refresh the routine. For those repetitive tasks in your life, that must be done a certain way - recognize the importance of each, in your personal foundation. In an ever changing world - perhaps these routines can serve as an anchor.

Get out in nature as often and for as long, as you can allow the time. Time in the forests, at the seaside, along the river or around the lake - will offer you something you cannot attain, listening to media talking heads, paint the world bleakly and at the brink.

One's heart and soul need revitalization - in order to face the demands of life. Time spent soaking up the beauty of our world, is not ignoring what is going on - it is a self-loving response.

We all need each other - showing up (in the face of world events) bringing our best game forward. I don't know about you, but I can't muster the ongoing enthusiasm - if I constantly dwell on the dark. I have done reams of "shadow work" - I will do further when & where it is necessary. But I don't live there.

An apt metaphor is suggested in the "23rd Psalm;"

The 3rd line reads:

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil......."

I believe the most powerful word here is "through" (walk through.....) - not set up camp, not build a cabin and commence with homesteading.... walk through! To me that is not imposing a time expectation, which then allows for anyone's individual process to occur in it's own divine time.....

But it does imply (suggest) walking through - which to me, reminds me, not to stay stuck and gives me hope that I am walking toward resolution.

R. O'Neill (July 05, 2018)

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