Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Pre-Meditated Peace

More on this matter of peace Desiderata carries on with:

"And whatever your labours & aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace in your soul."

This reminds me of how easy it can be, to be swept up into dramas of various forms. Some close to home and therefore more personal - others farther removed, but none the less, made personal. How readily then, am I willing, to surrender the peace in my soul? The "selling" of ones soul need not only be some huge cataclysmic life altering cross-road. It can just as readily be served up, piece meal; & handed over on a platter day by day - rather than aligning with its guidance.

Your soul provides a unique blueprint just for you - to ignore it, too become to concerned with trends, fads, fashion and following the crowd; invites a great deal of inner turmoil. It is quite possible that your soul-aligned guidance will receive the "approval" of no one outside yourself (even though it's directives have the highest good for all in mind).

"A Course In Miracles" - poses the idea: "I choose peace, rather than this......" - an application worth considering.

John Lennon - suggested: "Give Peace a Chance.." Ultimately I believe this means, peace is not just, "the absence of noise.." it requires conscious action, for it's attainment and preservation.

The soul has no allegiance to the false gods of materialism & consumerism - peace then is a choice; and must be given more priority, than the satisfying of greed and acquisition, of illusory power.

 Peace, Shalom, Salam, Namaste, Síocháin, Mirovni!!!

R. O'Neill (July 04, 2018)  

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