Monday, 12 June 2017

All Aboard

On a train bound for known destinations
Without known outcomes
Seems an opportunity
Pregnant with possibility
"Unleash, the imagination"
After all, the sheer romanticism
Of "riding the rails"
Across country
Should be ample
Catalyst to awaken
Creativity, cryogenically frozen
Through chronic adult-ing

What's to prevent then
Oceans of emeralds
Spun into meandering pastures
Trimmed by seams
Of melted golden butter
Running in streams, down the mountain sides
Creating a patch-work quilt on the landscape
There only for joyful expression and artistic merit
In contrast, stones laboriously placed
To symbolize "ownership.."

Tunnels, yester-year's creations
Inter-worldly interdimensional conduits
Burgeoning possibility
Set into motion
The instant entry & exit become one

Endless sky coifed with cotton candy tresses
Peeking through squinting eyes of blues abyss
Wind-kissed land enlivened by a solar embrace
Shimmer and sing songs of begotten times
The staggering blackness of the midnight sky
Raining from the heavens, gleaming inky black aerial avatars
Iridescent feathers splashing light-splintered arches
Across the heavens, arms outstretched to embrace

What's that?
Next stop... Derry!
Imagine that!!!!!!

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