Thursday, 29 June 2017

Full Circle

A visceral lament 
Eeks its way 
Upon the stage
Reserved for private pantomime 

How can this be?
It's not possible!
I'm so done with this...
Fuck.. I'm here - again!

This is a mistake..
I must be mistaken..
I made a mistake..
I am a mistake!

Well that's it then
Rock Bottom!
Now that's a solid foundation!

I suppose 
I could dig deeper still
I think not
Which means up, out, & through

Courage to change 
How did I get here?
Are there frequent flyer points assigned?
I'm here again .. what's in it, for me?

But again!! ...
How can it be so....
Wait.. stop right there!!
No gain .. through self-inflicted pain

I could try some understanding
That would be novel
Doesn't this already hurt enough?
What would love do?

I'm down
I've been down before
To be down "again"
Means previously, I got back up 

I've never yet
Loved too much
So I'll love the love that picked me up
So that I could love again 

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