Thursday, 29 June 2017

Reconciliation Covenant

Closer than my next breath,
Held therein.
That, which yearns
With an unrequited love.

It is on bended knee,
I beseech, 
You, my life's companion,

Forsaken with out end.
Though steadfast your presence.
Dare I request,
A return to your graces?

Left in exile,
While I wove,
A trail of unwept tears,
Spoken to a world without end.

Anywhere an ear, 
Could be taken hostage.
Tales were spun,
Of my projected abandonment.

I pray now,
For a suitable longevity,
To embrace & appreciate,
Even a sliver of your magnitude.

May love unconditional,
Dissolve any further estrangement. 
May I live to glorify,
 Love through my heart - with all of my heart.

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