Monday, 19 June 2017

Creating Excitement

The universe conspires to have a number of factors combine to peak my curiosity, tantalize my playful heart and just generally elicit joy and excitement. At the same time, due to a recent conversation, after which I decided to get an electronic version of "The Artist's Way"so that I can work with the material again; an online Astrology source that I have referred to for quite sometime, informs me that this week "creative energies" are highly active for me and that now the time has come  to "ride the wave"and maximize the opportunity for mastery. This pertains to allowing the creativity to flow; but emphasizes the importance of fully occupying my heart. It speaks of "clearing and realignment" having recently occurred (which it has, in a number of ways) a paradigm mastery, with a wide open heart.

Am I an artist? How does this "Artist's Way" apply to me? Well, I look upon the opportunity to get "me" out of the "Way." The discussion around working with that material was exciting - seems ample cause to go ahead and "get with the program." Ah... or perhaps release something in the way of "program" and let creativity have it's way with me. The conversation that led to this "choice" was one that for me was, alive with inspiration.  Why wouldn't I jump in the direction of that which excites me? Could be any number of "reasons" - however none of them apply in this case - as it's "go time."

Inspiring conversation - leading to inspired action! I know and feel with every fibre of my being that I am moving in alignment with my heart/soul. That is exhilarating ... I want more of that! And it is my sacred responsibility to bring my passion to bare in my own life in order to do just that! Will this undertaking be the source of excitement for everyone - it might.  I'm not actually suggesting that anyone follow suit here. Only you know what excites you. And if that's not clear at the moment, it's up for revision or redefining; do yourself a favour and invest the time in yourself to find out.

I'm clear, I'm willing to do more that excites me, so that I can have more of what I want. It's self-perpetuating, because what I want, is to be doing more of what excites me. I want to have more amazing conversations, with more amazing people, doing amazing things. I can & I will.

I don't have a read on the outcome of this, but as I said, the guidance attained through feeling aligned is reward in itself. Despite a full day, with considerable walking, to and from a fairly intense workout the buzz of all being considered, has the notion of sleep, occur preposterous. I'll get there eventually.

It's as though the acknowledging of an increased creative energy flow has made it so. Without even yet commencing the actual inner workings of the book - the "basic principles" are coming alive for me. The time is clearly now. It was time for the conversation, it was time for the book, it was time to be informed through the astrology reading. It was time that people, places and things have been weaving together for quite some while now. "Here, read this" "You might want to go here?" "Are you interested in coming to this?" "Hmm, maybe I'll contact this person."

I can't begin to delineate the time line. What the hell is time anyway? I came here to Ireland sometime ago. I've been here now for sometime. It's sometime in the evening now... As I'm sitting here at this time, writing about being excited about writing;  I'm suddenly aware of the depth and the breadth of my appreciation for everything I've experienced and the people I'm surround in. I'm living an extraordinary life and I actually believe that regardless of how amazing it is now - I dare to believe and I'm willing to allow, that it can continue to get even better. I'm not saying certain things need to happen first in order for this to occur. But that it can occur. I'm not speaking from the position that anything is missing.

I then just keep doing, being and believing that which creation wants of me and for me. What could be better? That which I've been seeking - is indeed seeking me! "It," "God", "Creator," has not been lost - it is me that has gone about denying my own connection, my creative ability. The gift of it was made available upon arrival. A loving Creator isn't about to force one to allow and express their gift. That is the nature of it being a gift - it can be freely refused. The irony of that is in doing so, the impression of a void occurs - a sense of a lack of connection/creativity; neither of which are lacking, rather they have just been denied.

A fatigue is descending upon me now which will be allowed to be the indication I will draw this toward finished; even though it's anything but.

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