Saturday, 17 June 2017

Pointed Views

Have you
Had a good look
At the wall
Upon which
You've place your ladder?

Arduously, steadfastly, heroically
You have scaled it's profile
Doggedly pursuing
Each and every rung

You may have
Brought all
You have to bear
Each incremental advancement

What if then
In a flash of light
You were to discover
All you have exerted
Affords you a bird's eye view, from the wrong wall?

You've achieved centre-stage
But have you
And can you maintain
Your centre?

What lead you to believe
That retention
Of the centre
Was even possible
Or the objective?

Perhaps a glimpse
A taste of its essence
From there an awareness to foster
Trust to be developed
And relied upon

Renounce the spotlight
Illusions of grandeur
And the allure of erroneous power
Like lassoing the wind
Extinguishing an external light will leave you in the centre of a blackened stage

If it's bottom lines that impress you
What of this?
"Home is where the heart is" or   The Heart is Home
Get to the hear of the matter or    It's the Heart that Matters

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