Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Engaging Opportunity

Not necessarily my typical writing rhythm, this, about to represent the second post in the same day. Then again, is there room for “typical” and “creativity” in the same sentence? One answer is, obviously, here they are coexisting upon the page, clear as day and with no apparent conflict. In addition to sentence structure consideration, the question might be posed from the standpoint of: how much creativity continues to be employed within the constructs of typical?

“Make hay while the sunshines,” or is that rake hay? I have no idea. I know, in this moment the sun is a brilliant presence, conjuring dancing diamonds to the surface of the Foyle. So an additional offering comes by virtue of the fact – I can, write, where I am. I sit at the river’s edge along the urban walkway; laptop upon lap top, take-away coffee nearby. Rather than sit at an outdoor café table, which would be pleasant enough. I have selected a seat fashioned from the stones of the land which are part of a rock garden wall. I fancy that to make sure the circuit is complete; I’m going to just soak creativity and inspiration right through the seat of my pants.

I continue with the sound track accompaniment of my iPod on shuffle which means I’ve had music that ranges from Nazareth to Bendictine Monks and everything & anything in between. Without lengthy, does it matter anyway explanations, pertaining to music’s contribution to creativity induction – I will say that for me, sitting, walking or cycling while listening can summons sheer delight. If that’s not the crux of creativity in itself – feels to me like a good place to start.

I’ve been to the gym already, which though perhaps not a vital element in the act of hosting creativity; for me it is an integral contribution to feeling sensational. Not to mention I have experienced the leeching of vitality which can accompany an over indulgence in sedentary pursuits. Of course adherence to a fitness regime might be challenging while traveling, depending on the itinerary and nature of the journey. Although, I did see a compilation of exercises put together for the “traveler” – all which could be done in a hotel room (or limited space) with body weight exercises. So these things can be done – it a case of having the will and following through.

Trust me when I say, I have experienced all forms of neglect and or excess. I am not now the voice of virtue – I have just determined a clear preference to feeling good. If I don’t each day manage to live accordingly, first of all, I suffer in some way, second it’s not the end of the world. A bout of suffering won’t be improved upon, through berating the cause (especially when it’s me) – it’s a simple call to resume those feel good, self-care actions (as best as can be managed, in a given set of circumstances).

Do the best that you can, with what you have, at the time. Of course that will look different at various places in time and certainly from one life to another. All I know is that I cannot begin to bring the best possible version of myself into the world, when I feel horrible.

I am acutely aware that I am exceedingly fortunate to be; well frankly, that says it. Fortunate to be! I sit here basking in the amazing summer time breeze along the river. Present to the high spirits and joy of those walking past. At the same time I’m aware that this idyllic scene – a river that is life-blood to the land – a transportation conduit for commerce etc. has taken lives too. Same river; without any will to be used, for such ends. I know that darkness, despair and hopelessness; that can and does, obliterate even the magnificence of a day and settings such as this. A broader perspective is consumed and rendered starkly and limitlessly without alternative. I suppose it could be said to be the diametric opposite of creativity – or at best, the use of all imaginative and creative faculties, are directed at a very definite and final expression. Does it have to go this way? I don’t know. Are my efforts to feel good an ongoing ploy to keep the darkness at bay? Maybe. I’m deeply grateful that this pain is not my day to day experience and that the sweetness of life is vastly available to me, 

I’m here now to be a lifeline – not special, not better than I’m someone that was the recipient of the grace of God (directly) and indirectly, through people too innumerable to count (if indeed there is even a need to distinguish there being a “difference”regarding form of divine intervention). It’s clear to me that mine is, the next “hand up…”  Do I know all the forms and means through which that will take place?  No, but that is being worked out line by line as I write. This represents far more to me than a hobby, pass-time, or amusement; this is nothing less, than a calling. A communication conduit with the divine, which serves perhaps as much (sometimes more) a directive to me. 

My focus now is to graciously acknowledge the gifts I've been given & ask .. how can I be of service?

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