Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Sound Silenced

Can you, will you
Subdue your haste?
Might you agree?
To reign in,
Even sparingly,
Your contribution,
To the burgeoning cacophony?
Which increasingly,
Threatens like a thief in the night,
To steal silence,
Once held in the darkness.
If an incessant din,
Forced upon the sanctity of silence,
Weren't enough!
Consider the gift of yourself,
Reflected upon the backdrop,
Of golden silence.
It waits patiently,
Peeking through the audible rubble,
To reacquaint you with your dreams.
Will the indiscriminating rabble,
Of your fears,
Ensure distraction remains,
Your parasitic companion?
Bleeding your heart's desire,
While denying the silence?

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